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The Name of This Book Is Secret by P. Bosch- Chapter 10
we r making progress on this book!
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The Name of This Book Is Secret by P. Bosch- Chapter 11.
wow, we r getting to the good part now!
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The Name of This Book Is Secret by P. Bosch- Chapter 7.
OMG page 80 already!!?? also, sorry that my voice was getting crackly in the end, i was projecting my voice too much.
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The Name Of This Book Is Secret by P. Bosch- Chapter 12.
sorry i haven't made one of these in so long!
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The Name Of This Book Is Secret by P. Bosch- Chapter 16
sorry for max's interruption
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The Name Of This Book Is Secret by P. Bosch- Chapter 15.
i think i might start doing this: if i make a different vid besides the reading, then i won't do the reading for the day, if i do a vid of the reading, then i wont make a diff video. get it?
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The Name Of This Book Is Secret by P. Bosch- Chapter 17 & 18
hope u enjoy! sorry i haven't done one in so long!
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The Name Of This Book Is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch- Chapter 1
comment if u have any books that u want me to read!
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The Name Of This Book Is Secret by P. Bosch- Chapter 19
its a miracle! im actually doing a reading!
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library haul #1
stay tuned for more vids about books! the book luver on utube is morganluvsbooks
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The Name Of This Book Is Secret by P. Bosch- Chapter 2. part 1
***READ ME*** if u have any requests for other books that I should read, then comment down below or on my channel!!!
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book review: The Apothecary by Maile Meloy
i would definitely go out and buy this book when it comes out. It is worth it!
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Tilly's bookshelf tour!
YAY I FINALLY KNOW HOW TO EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (TILLY TAUGHT ME) also, tilly might make her own youtube account!!!
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How to save your book from the Midnight Sun
u don't want Ms. Mauvais & Dr.L. to find ur book and learn the Secret, do u?
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nail polish review: purple potion nail polish- sally hansen
I'm sorry if u came to my channel for any other reason besides nail polish, but this is the phase I'm going through right now so, you'll just have to watch some other channel until I get out of it.
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me opening some ag outfits
i literally started making the video not even 20 sec. after the ups guy dropped it off, i was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!
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book haul #5
hope u enjoy!!! Hatchet- Gary Paulsen Buffy The Vampire Slayer Volume 2- Joss Whedon The Bartimaeus Trilogy- The Golems Eye- Jonathan Stroud
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need sunglasses you don't know jaques gargantuan green grape what's with the cattitude? sorry bout my moms interuption!
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blabber time: books and movies
this is my first log in my new series, blabber time! this is really old, but it is still really good!
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Homework- why did it have to be invented??
hope u dont have as much HW as i do!
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another bath and body works haul
these are the things that I got: 1. Paris Amour body lotion 2. Sweet Pea Body Spray 3. Dancing Waters pocketbac 4. blue and purple pocketbac case
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The relic master series
here r all 4 books: #1: the dark city #2: The lost heiress #3: The hidden coronet #4: The margrave
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200 subs
please help me!!!!!!!!!!
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birthday haul!!!
this is what i got: Just Dance 3 wii game 25$ gift certificate to Barnes and Noble The Throne Of Fire by Rick Riordan Sweet Pea shower gel Charmed Life shower gel Secret Wonderland shower gel Secret Wonderland lotion SW spray
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singing to grenade
no hate comments about my voice!
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all of my ag dolls
i hope you guys enjoy, this was my first vid on utube!!!!!!!!\ Comment, Subscribe, Rate, AND ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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barnes and noble & B&BW haul
hope you enjoy! comment below if you like it when I combine haul together! also watch in hd!
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book tag
i am super hyper in this vid, just a warning
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Updated tbr
I feel like I've done a million of these!!!!!
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the books that I am going to (attempt) to read over the summer
plz don't comment and say stuff like: "those aren't many books!" "wow, u must be a slow reader with that amount of little books!' or: "those r soooo many books! i doubt ur gonna finish those!"
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Please please please request videos!!!
I am completely blank as to which videos I should make. Please request!!!!!
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nail polish review: I don't bite-Sephora by OPI
hope u enjoy! more reviews on books & nail polish!
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My name is.......
this is just a vid i made cuz i saw my vids and i go strate from starbu
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Behind The Scenes Of The American Girl Doll Movie
me and my sister tilly made this.usually i make videos in my room but we made this vid in the living room. (thats where her doll room is) mia was the only doll thats mine thats in this vid. bailey is #39 and alex is #25
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Review: Wonderstruck by brian selznick
Plz comment and tell me if I should do more reviews!!!
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OutfitS of the week #1
so basically I will just do this weekly vid of all the outfits I will plan to wear for the week at camp! I think this will be rly fun, and u guys could give me some fashion tips! btw, i know i have my days mixed up, sorry bout that. ever since school ended, ive been off schedule. so i will wear mon's outfit on tues, tues outfit on weds, so on and so forth.
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My books (copyright 2011!!!)
i hope u enjoy! sorry i spoiled the first few endings for the books, and i hope u read them! & plz no comments like: ur books r stupid, or i would never buy those. everybody has their own opinions
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Christmas haul 2011!!
I'm not trying to brag in any way
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