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This week, we visit the big island of Hawaii and the beautiful Kalani Yoga Retreat for a peak at its thriving aquaponics program.
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Always wondered what the trendy ‘raw food buzz’ is really all about? Well it’s about much more than just cold veggies! Watch this Conscious Living episode to learn from a raw food pioneer how a raw diet could improve your health, and a tasty raw taco recipe you can make at home.
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Karyn: Chicago's Raw Vegan Pioneer
On this episode, we visit with Karyn Calabrese of Chicago, one of the country's top raw vegan pioneers.
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Yogaville: Peace in Action
On this episode, we visit Yogaville Satchidananda Ashram, a spiritual retreat just a stone's throw from historic Charlottesville, Virginia. Founded in Buckingham, Virginia by Swami Satchidananda, a spiritual leader whose message of peace has been heard around the globe, Yogaville's mission is to share the principles of Integral Yoga®, a system aimed to synthesize the various branches of yoga into a comprehensive life style system that promotes harmonious development of every aspect of the individual. Beyond religious dogma and embracing all faiths through its yoga classes, retreats, daily meditations and compassionate, vegetarian cuisine, Yogaville aims to provide the tools, techniques, and practices to help any seeker go deeper in their own spiritual tradition.
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Glamping Adventure at Firelight Camps
Watch this episode for our latest adventure - glamping in the great outdoors. We ventured to upstate New York's Fingerlake region to experience one of the nation's top glamorous camping destinations, Firelight Camps. Set on the grounds of Ithaca, New York's La Tourelle Resort and Spa, Firelight offers a one of a kind vacation experience of the best in outdoor living. It's time to get your glamp on!
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A Visit to Thich Nhat Hanh's Deer Park Monastery
Travel with Conscious Living TV to Deer Park Monastery, a sustainable Buddhist monastery started by Thich Nhat Hanh in the hills of Escondido, California and learn their simple daily meditation practice and how they are living off the grid with solar power and bio-diesel.
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Creamy Raw Vegan GF Kelp Noodle Recipe
If you are vegan and gluten free and love pasta, but zucchini noodles just don’t cut the mustard, today’s your lucky day. Michael’s going to show you a decadently rich and creamy vegan alfredo recipe featuring the piece de resistance – a raw vegan kelp noodle that’s springy, moist and chewy just like traditional wheat pasta, but much healthier. You’ll swear it tastes just like Grandma Antonini’s!
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Sayuri Raw Food Chef Training in Ubud, Bali
If you've ever wondered about the benefits of a raw food diet or are interested in becoming a raw food chef, watch this episode, filmed on location at the eco-conscious Svarga Loka resort in Ubud on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia - island of the Gods. Students from celebrated vegan chef Sayuri Tanaka, author of four cookbooks and founder of Sayuri's Healing Food Restaurant share their unforgettable experiences during Sayuri's raw food chef training and certification. To watch the full story visit: https://youtu.be/F7h4JwdHIRA
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Can Upcycled Fashion Save the World?
Environmental pioneer and Redress Founder Dr. Christina Dean makes the case for a brave new world against the backdrop of the Redress Design Award runway show in Hong Kong. This year's winner Kate Morris shares her inspiration behind her designs and previous winner Angus Tsui provides insights into the massive opportunity upcycling and recycling fabrics offer to designers.
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The Power of Gratitude
On this episode of Conscious Living, we’re bringing you insights from Rev. Michael Beckwith, featured in the film, The Secret, who shares his philosophy on the true meaning of Thanksgiving, and how gratitude can transform your life.
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The Bali Raw Food Immersion
On this episode, come with us as we visit the magical Island of Bali, Indonesia for a two week raw food immersion at the beautiful and mystical Svarga Loka Resort in Ubud. Led by world renown master raw chef and cookbook author Sayuri Tanaka, the course provides a powerful framework for the tools and techniques needed to raise your vibration through raw vegan cuisine – from sprouting, dehydrating and holistic nutrition to flavor balancing and plating. Watch this episode to learn from one of the best in the business and enjoy some of Sayuri’s favorite classic dishes from around the world while exploring the incredible culture, sites, and sounds of Bali – from a raw cacao factory to Bali’s best spirulina farm. All this and more, on this episode of Conscious Living®!
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The Healing Waters of Two Bunch Palms
On this episode of Conscious Living, we journey to the healing waters of Two Bunch Palms in Desert Hot Springs, California for some deep healing, detoxifying and good old fashioned TLC.
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The Healthy, Toxin Free Hair Relaxer
If you’ve yet to take the “natural” leap and are still straightening your hair with traditional lye-based chemical relaxers that are harmful to your health (and your scalp!), this episode is for you. Here, Bianca gets the VIP treatment at an eco-salon in NYC to explore a healthier alternative with her first toxin-free hair relaxer. Using Phytospecific, an all-natural hair texturizer from Paris made with simple, nourishing ingredients like mushrooms and soy – salons like this around the world are helping women of color embrace healthier, more natural hair.
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Unplug! Digital Detox in a Luxe Italian Monastery
Unplug from your daily routine on this episode, and rediscover what's essential with a visit to award-winning Eremito Hotelito Del Alma, an eco-chic lay monastery-hotel high in the hills of Umbria's Italian countryside. With architecture dating back to the 14th century, delicious rustic Italian vegetarian cuisine and luxe, "unplugged" accommodations ideal for solo travelers, find out why Eremito is one of the most recognized Design Hotels in the world and the perfect place for a digital detox.
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Destination Paradise: Maui’s Fairmont Kea Lani
On this episode we visit Maui's fabulous sustainable luxury resort, The Fairmont Kea Lani and enjoy the best of paradise from a luxurious breakfast on the lanai and beachfront traditional Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage to a sunset yoga class--Maui was just what the doctor ordered.
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Groove is in the Heart at the Lovelight Festival
If you love heart opening music, camping under the stars and yoga, then don't miss this episode, filmed on location at the annual Lovelight Festival on 200 acres of beautiful campgrounds in Darlington, Maryland. With conscious art and mindfulness workshops, dozens of yoga classes, SUP, and devotional music performances all day and night from acclaimed musicians like Fantuzzi, Dharma Mittra and Krishna Das, attendees awaken their hearts, heal their spirits and dance the weekend away.
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The Ultimate Ayurveda Detox: Panchakarma in Bali
Under Ayurveda - a 5,000+ year old healing practice from India which the World Health Organization (WHO) considers to be the oldest comprehensive health care system in the world - optimal health is about much more than just looking good or being fit. To be truly healthy, we have to be balanced in body, mind and spirit. This can be challenging in our toxic, high-tech modern world, which is why Ayurvedic doctors recommend regular Panchakarma detoxes, the most effective healing modality in the science of Ayurveda. As the name suggests, Panchakarmas entail a series of five holistic "karma" cleanses designed to eliminate deep-seated toxins and restore balance in body, mind and soul. To learn more, watch this episode, where we visit the eco-luxurious One World Ayurveda, an authentic Ayurveda retreat offering guests so much more than just a spa wellness vacation. There, we experienced a life-changing 10-day Panchakarma retreat amidst the beautiful rice fields of mystical Bali, Indonesia, just outside of Ubud. Between daily massages, yoga, meditation, herbal dococtions, delicious vegetarian meals tailored to our "dosha" and deep detoxification techniques, watch this episode to experience a one-of-a-kind healing journey that confirms the adage "health is the new wealth".
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On this episode of Conscious Living, our favorite Nun, Brahmacharini Alison, resident monastic at the SRF Greenfield Retreat Center is in studio. Bri Alison shares with us the importance of cultivating more silence in our technology filled lives as well as some simple ways to meditate and go into the silence right where you sit.
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The Zen of Organic Farming
Today, we visit the Green Gulch Farm Zen Center just outside San Francisco. Since the 1970s, these pioneers of the California Organic Farming movement have been utilizing zen practices to harvest surprising soul crops and produce abundant yields. Learn how they do it by watching this episode!
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Nutrition 101:  Get Schooled at T  Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies
With so many fad diets out there – from Atkins and South Beach to Paleo and Caveman, it can be hard to tell the difference between proper nutrition and plain old marketing hype. So where do we turn for reliable information? Unfortunately, most medical doctors get less than five hours of nutrition education over the course of their careers, and the FDA’s recommendations for nutrition have kept the U.S. ranked #1 in health care costs but a sad #38 in health outcomes worldwide.To separate fact from fiction, we met with Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of nutrition at Cornell, and his Center for Nutrition Studies in Ithaca, New York. Arguably the top expert in the world on nutrition, Dr. Campbell has spent over 50 years researching the impact of diet and on health and chronic disease and has authored New York Times’ bestsellers like The China Study and Whole. Through his 6-week intensive certification course on plant-based nutrition, he has helped thousands debunk the top nutrition myths and gain a better understanding of how adopting a whole food, plant-based diet can ensure the sustainability of both people and the planet. Watch this episode to learn why!
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Journey with us as we visit the Angel Valley Retreat in Sedona, AZ where spiritual seekers journey to find guidance, emotional healing and for some, a connection to their Angel guides.
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Reiki 101
The science is indisputable: all living things are composed of energy. In this material-driven, high-technology world, it's easy for our energy to become drained or mis-aligned. This is why many years ago I turned to Reiki to re-align my chakras and bring my vibration back into balance. After just once session, I felt more grounded, peaceful and whole. On this episode of Conscious Living®, Reiki Master Tracy Houchins explains the fundamentals of energy healing and shares some of the key tools she uses for this ancient modality.
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Elizabeth's Gone Raw: D.C.'s Best Vegan Restaurants
In this episode of Conscious Living, we get an in-studio visit from one of Washington D.C.'s top restaurateurs, Elizabeth Petty of Elizabeth's Gone Raw. Elizabeth discusses her unique style of delicious gourmet vegan cuisine, the art of preparing tree range chicken, and shares some of her favorite dishes with a hungry Vegan Man.
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The Sound of Zen at Tassajara, On this episode of Conscious Living, we visit the nation’s oldest Zen Monastery, Tassajara, located deep in the Ventana Wilderness of California’s Los Padres National Forest. Open to the public for just a select few months each year, this healing mecca has been attracting spiritual seekers, wellness enthusiasts and meditators since the 1960s. Year after year, they keep coming back for Tassajara’s delicious vegetarian food, natural hot springs and restful silence. Take your own magical journey to Tassajara- watch this episode.
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Soul of Green  Greening the Ghetto
Watch this premier episode of Soul of Green for an exclusive interview with environmental justice pioneer Majora Carter, founder of Sustainable South Bronx, who we caught up with in New York on the cleaned-up shores of the Bronx River.
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Black History Tour of Washington D.C.
On this episode of Conscious Living, we’re celebrating Black History Month with a VIP guided tour of Washington, D.C. The tour includes stops at some of the most significant monuments to Black history in the U.S., as well as several little known gems that make D.C. a mecca for history and culture for travelers near and far.
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On this episode we visit the NYC showroom for Gunas a vegan, sweatshop free line of luxury handbags.
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Spirulina Farming in Bali
Spirulina is arguably the most incredible superfood on the planet. It is packed with protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B--the list goes on and on. But where does it come from? We go deep into the jungles of Bali to visit a spirulina farm to learn about how it's grown, harvested and even eaten in fresh from the pond, you won't believe how sweet it is!
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Garrison Institute  Fertile Ground for Contemplative Practice
As our planet evolves, more and more seekers look to contemplative practice to deepen their spiritual connection. On this episode we visited the Garrison Institute. This former Capuchin monastery turned non-profit retreat center is situated on 95 beautiful acres including hiking trails, a cathedral and a labyrinth overlooking the Hudson River. With a focus on mindfulness in all its forms and simple elegant accommodations, the Institute hosts 100+ retreats per year for practitioners of every faith, world view and orientation.A Watch now for an introduction to Garrison’s philosophy on contemplative practice and a guided tour of this tranquil property.
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Hankering for a healthy sweet treat? Then watch this episode, where Vegan Man Michael shows you his super tasty, five ingredient raw vegan macaroon recipe. Voilà!
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Watch this episode of Conscious Living TV as we visit San Francisco’s first Gold L.E.E.D. certified hotel, the luxurious Orchard Garden Hotel and it’s farm to table restaurant, Roots, all just steps from world famous Chinatown. #LEED #GreenBuilding #SanFrancisco #EcoTravel
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Watch this episode of Conscious Living as we visit the fabulous art + fashion boutique of Melissa shoes in NYC’s Soho.
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In this episode, we get an in-studio visit from Howard Jacobson, Ph.D. who shares his new book Proteinaholic, which debunks some of the most common myths about plant based diets and shares how many of us are suffering from too much protein-and from all the wrong sources.
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On this episode of Conscious Living, we take a luxurious trip into the magic, beauty and world class healing of Sedona, Arizona’s Enchantment Resort and Mii Amo Spa–a truly once in a lifetime experience.
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Love makeovers? Then don’t miss this episode of Conscious Living. With the help of our glam squad, including the talented team from K. Marie Salon and designs by 71 Jules, we gave the hard-working girls of sustainable architecture firm 2 Point Perspective a fabulous eco-makeover. And the best part? The gorgeous and green girls donated 10 inches of hair each, to non-profit Locks of Love.
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If you’re looking for a healthy, nutritious snack, look no further! On this episode,Vegan Man will show you how to make your own raw, vegan and gluten-free granola – so good you may want it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. It’s easy to make with just a few natural ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard. This recipe has a crunchy texture and a sweet, nutty taste. Be warned: it’s addictively delicious. Watch this episode to learn how to make it!
Addictive Raw Vegan Taco Recipe
Have a fiesta in your mouth! Watch Vegan Man’s #1 requested recipe, a raw vegan taco with its secret ingredients: jalapeño cheddar cheeze sauce and a curious import from Korea.
On this episode of Conscious Living TV, we enjoy a truly amazing meal at one of the top restaurants in the country, Pure Food and Wine in New York City. We sit down with owner, Sarma Melngailis to find out how her raw, vegan cuisine has been the secret ingredient of her success.
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Vegan Man is at it again with Thai inspired recipe with a vegan “fish sauce,” bold flavors and wild rice that is sprouted, not cooked. Click here to read the recipe.
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Vegan Man scouts the streets of Washington D.C. in search of the best vegan hot dog – and lands at the historic Ben’s Chili Bowl. A D.C. institution since 1958 and world famous for its dogs smothered in chili, cheese and lots of gooey toppings, watch this episode to find out if Ben’s is the answer to Vegan Man’s quest.
Make Your Own Fresh Flower Offering, Just Like They Do in Bali
On this episode, we’re on location at the Svarga Loka Resort to visit with an indigenous Balinese flower designer who shows us how to make the sacred ceremony offerings that fill temples, streets and homes in Ubud and all over the island of Bali. Watch now to learn how to make your own ceremonial flower offerings for any occasion, just like the locals.
Race, Gender and Social Inequalities in the Fashion Industry
On this episode, we sit down with model, journalist and fashion activist Yomi Abiola, who traveled to Bangladesh just after the Rana Plaza collapse killing over 1,000 garment workers. In this candid interview, she shares her perspective on the racial, gender and economic inequalities plaguing the fashion industry.
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Best Vegan Winter Coats
On this episode of Conscious Living, we visit with Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, founder and creative director of ethical fashion line Vaute, as she debuts her Fall/Winter collection and becomes the first vegan line to show during New York Fashion Week. #NYFW
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Soul of Green  Chicago Art Institute's L E E D Modern Wing
This episode features a profile of Dina Griffin, the architect of record for the eco-friendly Silver-L.E.E.D. certified Modern Wing at the Chicago Art Institute. Dina gave Bianca a VIP tour of the Modern Wing, including some of the most beautiful modern art in the world.
On this episode, Vegan Man visits LA and stops to make his favorite go-to Kale Salad that deeply satisfies even the heartiest of appetites and is a cinch to make–at home or on the road.
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On this episode of Conscious Living, Vegan Man whips up a tasty carrot ginger soup recipe that keeps ’em coming back for more. All you need is five simple ingredients, a blender and a juicer.
Watch this episode of Conscious Living featuring Richard Dayhoff, as he shares his insights on his underwear line made from recycled plastic bottles and his partnership with eco-friendly jewelry designer, Tracey Mayer.
Ojai Dreaming
Watch this episode of Conscious Living as we take a spin through one of the best farmer’s markets in the country to see how easy and delicious local, farm to table shopping can be.
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We Can Do Better:  Finding the Cure for Breast Cancer
Each year, over 40,000 women die from breast cancer. Despite billions of dollars being spent on research, breast health outcomes have not improved in 30 years. What has increased? Overdiagnosis and overtreatment. On the front lines of the race for a cure is Dr. Laura Esserman, MD, MBA a cutting-edge breast surgeon and researcher at the University of California San Francisco’s Mt. Zion Hospital. In her role as a professor of surgery and director of the Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center at the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, Dr. Esserman is recognized as one of the top breast doctors in the U.S. for challenging the status quo of mainstream medicine with her groundbreaking work in breast cancer research through the Athena Breast Health Network, the Wisdom Study and the iSPY clinical trials. Watch this episode to learn more about Dr. Esserman’s innovative approach to treating – and preventing – breast cancer.