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Brainstorm - French Cartoon
курсовая работа за 3 курс студентки Киевского Национального Университета Культуры и Искусств, Alice Veter
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Prāta Vētra - French Cartoon
"Four Shores" ir latviešu grupas "Prāta Vētra" 2006. gadā izdotais studijas albums, kas ir iepriekšējā gada albuma "Četri krasti" ārzemju izdevums. Vispirms tas tika izdots Krievijā, kur līdzās Četru krastu dziesmu angliskajām versijām bija arī dziesma "Rudens" krievu valodā "Ветер", kā arī dziesma "Ты не один" no projekta "Нечётный Воин". Starptautiskajā albuma variantā iekļauta arī dziesmas "Rudens" angliskā versija "Lonely Feeling (To Be Lonely)". Dziesmām "Thunder Without Rain", "Lonely Feeling" un "Tin Drums" uzņemti arī videoklipi. "Thunder Without Rain" ieguva nopietnu raidlaiku Eiropas MTV un VH1 mūzikas kanālos.
BrainStorm - French Cartoon
Moscow, B-1 club 01.09.2007
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Brainstorm "French Cartoon"
Brainstorm в Минске 15.12.2010
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Brainstorm - Выходные
Brainstorm - Выходные video
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Чайки на крыше - BrainStorm
Panaudota animacija - "Кот и компания" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OePg1KrQ31k BrainStorm - http://www.pratavetra.lv/ru/
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BrainStorm.- French Cartoon.
BrainStorm: French Cartoon.
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Brainstorm - Только бы ты на меня посмотрела
Клип на песню «Только бы ты на меня посмотрела» (2008) © Brainstorm (http://brainstorm.lv/)
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Brainstorm 25.11.16_El Brainstorm
french cartoon Ветер акустические
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French Cartoon+Maybe
Brainstorm 24.05.2008
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Brainstorm в клубе "Апельсин" 24 мая "French Cartoon"
Brainstorm в клубе "Апельсин" 24 мая
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Brainstorm - A Day Before Tomorrow
Клип на песню «A Day Before Tomorrow» © Brainstorm (http://brainstorm.lv/)
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brainstorm- French Cartoon -25/11/2016
Days Golden days still to come And what What we'll say to those who are gone? No less and no more Your love is what we're looking for
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BrainStorm - Шаг
Šag (krievu: Шаг) ir 2009. gadā izdotais Prāta Vētras albums. Tajā ir iekļautas 12 dziesmas: 6 krievu valodā un 6 angļu valodā. Šis albums tika izdots kā Prāta Vētras iepriekšējā albuma Tur kaut kam ir jābūt versija Krievijas tirgum. Vēlāk šim albumam iznāca arī angļu valodas versija Years and Seconds.
Single from BRAINSTORM (a.k.a. "Prata Vetra") latest album "SAG"(2009). Album "SAG" is a Russian version for album "Tur kaut kam ir jabut", which reached double-platinum status in homecountry Latvia. YEARS AND SECONDS is english version for song "Es jau naku".
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Brainstorm - Волны
Клип на песню «Волны» © Brainstorm (http://brainstorm.lv/)
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Brainstorm - Lonely Feeling (To Be Lonely)
Клип на песню «Lonely Feeling (To Be Lonely)» (2006) © Brainstorm (http://brainstorm.lv/)
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Brainstorm в Воронеже
Латвийские рокеры выступили в Воронеже 2 декабря. В сетлисте концерта оказались песни French Cartoon и "На заре"
The Abominable Brainstorm
Clay animation from Flying Cloud; the brain of a Yeti is explored by the intrepid and foolhardy Chip and Gladys....
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Brainstorm (Prata Vetra), concert in St. Petersburg
Brainstorm live in St. Petersburg, 2007 French Cartoon
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French cartoon ~ S9e6 - Le pique-nique
Subscribe to this channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=languagecomicsteam Access this story here: https://www.languagecomics.com/s9e6_pique-nique/ This video is a teaser with French translation. This short story and many more are a great tool to practice your French pronunciation, French Language Conversation, French reading and English to French language translation skills. This episode will be available in French and Spanish on September 23. Subscribe to this channel, enjoy and share! Cheers, LanguageComics team http://www.LanguageComics.com - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Also find us on: http://www.pinterest.com/LanguageComics http://www.Facebook.com/LanguageComics http://www.Instagram.com/LanguageComics_ https://youtu.be/7LuN_GUlUYc
Animals like me - Brainstorm
Again great song by Brainstorm, feel free to leave a comment! :)
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This video is about BRAINSTORM
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metro метро
в видео использована прекрасная композиция "French cartoon" замечательной группы Brainstorm
French Cartoon
its finally here..........the video you have all been waiting for!
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Brainstorm - Colder
Клип на песню «Colder» (2006) © Brainstorm (http://brainstorm.lv/)
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Brainstorm Sunday morning
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Brainstorm - Maybe
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Brainstorm It s Easy
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Brainstorm Leaving to LA
Nothing comes by accident, Even when you're dreaming...
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Brainstorm - Try
Питер Главсlub 24 сентября 2009
Cinema - Brainstorm
Very nice song by Brainstorm, I hope you enjoy! :)
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Brainstorm - Миллионы минут
20.10.12_Arena Moscow
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Brainstorm CEDRE - Nicomaque DVD
This clip is a short documentary about a collaboration between a small group of early-stage researchers and the CEDRE (a professional structure experimenting and documenting on water resource management). The project demonstrated the flexibility of early-stage researchers and their ability to adapt to new problems and to design new solutions, thanks to management and transversal skills. Photos were provided from the CEDRE and CANCA under CreativeCommons by-sa, France 2.0. I wrote the text and the music on purpose of this clip, as well as the two 3D animations which appears at 13s and 41s. they were a lot of fun to design under Art Of Illusion opensource software!
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Tonight We'll Dance - Brainstorm
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The Transformers: Headmasters, Episode 7: "The Veil Of Mystery" English FanDub
After a failed conquest of the Battle Beast's home planet, "Animatros", Galvatron realizes that the Autobot Headmasters are formidable enemies and that his Decepticon Headmasters may be out matched. In order to ensure the Autobots will stop interfering with his plans, he makes the necessary decision that time is right to enlist a powerful Decepticon from his ranks who may not always follow the best of orders... What qualifies this Decepticon and what is the past of the other Headmasters? Stay tuned... Feedback is always welcome. It will help in the process of future episodes. Cast appearing this episode: Jon Bales: Cerebros / Mindwipe JBVO: Cyclonus, OP Gregg Berger: Grimlock (archives) Cassa Dellinger: Arcee David Dixon: Episode Narrator (Narrator 2) Zach Dyer: Chromedome / iGear narrator Derek James: Blurr / Hardhead / Recap & Commercial break Narrator (Narrator 1) / Soundwave Gabriel Jean: Brainstorm / Sixshot Kenny McCoy: Alpha Trion / Ultra Magnus Curt Page: Galvatron / Kup / Skullcruncher Steven C. Phllips: Scourge Neil Ross: Springer (archives) Sami Sadek: Weirdwolf Frank Todaro: Zarak Dusten Todd: Rodimus Prime Brandon Williams: Highbrow Luke Word: Security Bot / Factory Bot Written by Gabriel Jean Edits by: Derek James & Grimbot Extra Special Thanks to: Gabriel Jean Grimbot2 - Their continuous counsel make this project possible. And to Fank Todaro, Zach Dyer, Dusten Todd, JBVO, & The entire cast & crew- They went beyond the call of duty for this project. Special thanks also to: Brandon Williams - A pioneer among Transformers fandubs featured here in his grand finale performance for the role of Highbrow. Also co-owner of TFcog.net BlastardInc. - For the After Efects assist. Peter Tagstrom & TFcog.net James Owings & Brenton Eschman - Previous Headmasters contributions to the series and to casting. You can see episodes 1-6 in which James produced at... https://www.youtube.com/user/Hikuro2pnt0/videos?spfreload=10 Brenton Eschmen gets credit for helping Gabriel Jean to produce episode 4 posted on that channel. For more information on Beast Wars Dark Glass, please visit: http://darkglass.geekcastradio.com/ or for Dark Glass and the Headmasters in French see YouTube channel... http://www.youtube.com/user/DarkGlassProject http://www.youtube.com/user/Cypherplex55 Jon3pnt0... http://www.youtube.com/user/jon3pnt0 The Invisible World with Frank Todaro: http://www.theinvisibleworld.info http://www.facebook.com/theinvisibleworldshow http://www.franktodaro.tv Eyeson Animation & Entertainment: http://www.youtube.com/user/Steeljaw Find previous Headmasters dubs and other Transformers fan dubs at... http://www.thetfcog.com/ Blastard Studios... http://www.youtube.com/user/blastardinc ABOUT THE EPISODE PRODUCTION: For the first time ever if you ignore the infamous Singapore attempt, Episode 7 of the Headmasters is dubbed in English and debuts on this very channel. Picking up where the Headmasters Series left off in previous dubs, we continue and pay our respects to the Headmasters Ultimate Fan Project using many of the same cast members, as we usher in the Prime Productions era for the future of Headmasters as The Prime Productions Version (PPV). Picking up where Dark Heroes and others have left off in the series, we begin with Episode 7, "The Veil of Mystery". Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. This is a non-profit video dubbed by fans, for fans, and intended soley for educational purposes among amateur voice over artists, producers, and editors as experience in the art form. Non-profit, educational or personal use tip the balance in favor of fair use.
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Brainstorm - Digitally Bright
Moscow, tv-show "Kitchen" (16.03.2006)
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Brainstorm GeneSystems - Nicomaque DVD
This clip is a short documentary about a collaboration between a small group of early-stage researchers and GeneSystems (a French biotechnology company positioned on the molecular diagnostics markets). The project demonstrated the flexibility of early-stage researchers and their ability to adapt to new problems and to design new solutions, thanks to management and transversal skills. Photos were provided by GeneSystems under CreativeCommons by-sa, France 2.0. I wrote the text and the music on purpose of this clip.
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