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Copywriting Secrets 16 tips to Writing Copy that Sells!

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Copywriting secrets http://www.primeconcepts.com Here are 16 more copywriting guidelines that go a bit deeper with Ford Saeks. These are just guidelines. 1. Remember, Benefits come first, then features - Features are the things about your product or service: like It has 300 horsepower, or it contains 15 special vitamins. Or Open 24hours Benefits are inherently about the prospect. The things he or she will get if they get your product or use your service. So when you talk about benefits, you're talking about how the prospect will lose weight, get more energy, re-grow his hair, make money, save money, or find a way to kill his mother-in-law without getting caught. The secret of the most effective copy is that it leads with benefits, and validates with features. 2. Just speaking in the prospects language and focusing on the benefits to him or her is about 70% of effective copy. Yet most copywriters don't do even this. This stems from most people's misunderstanding of benefits. They think a 300 horsepower engine is a benefit. But it's not. Fast acceleration and a feeling of exhilaration is the benefit. They believe the fact a business is 25 years old is a benefit. It's not. The fact that the business has survived many storms and will likely be around to deliver service and honor a warranty is a benefit. It's critical that you really understand the difference between these two things. 3. Create a compelling offer by telling the whole story using word pictures, metaphors or stories to highlight the problem they have, or the solution your product/service provides. 4. Brain dump your first version, then edit later. If you attempt to edit while your being creative you'll interrupt your flow. 5. Write for Scanners and Readers Use short paragraphs, paragraph headings and bulleted lists for the scanners and longer content filled paragraphs for the reader. You need to your copy to help both types of prospects get through your copy. 6. If you make a claim—prove it 7. Use bold, italics and underlining sparingly—The only purpose of the formatting is to help the reader get through the message. 8. Use Flow Devises to keep your prospects reading. (split paragraphs at bottom of page) 9. Reveal a minor flaw We did this with an inventory overstock and sold $25,000 in a weekend. When we placed orders for CD sets we there was a mix up on the purchase order and we ordered 1000, instead of 500. So I wrote a sales letter email on a Friday telling my list that they could benefit from our mistake and buy them at cost if they ordered in the next 24 hours. 10. Ask for the order—be specific 11. Give an incentive to act now 12. Talk in YOU terms, not I or we 13. Present benefits before price and then Justify price after you reveal it 14. State your guarantee after price 15. Raise questions and answer them like You're probably thinking how much does this cost? 16. Use the power of curiosity Other Strategies to Consider: Give your copy News value like an Article, Special Report, Advertorial, Magalog, or Infomercial. A great way is to Model great copy used in another industry or medium. Just pay attention. Million-dollar ideas for copy are all around you. Heres a suggestion to get you to practicing your conversational style of writing. Write a story about your favorite dream vacation. Write it as if you've already experienced it and you're explaining your trip to your best friend. Got it? Good. Did you know that on average, five times as many people will read a headline as read the content of your copy? Unless your headline sells your product or service you may have wasted 90% of your money! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3g4aX3-uVlg Learn more about Ford Saeks, Internet Marketing Speaker at http://www.ProfitRichResults.com
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Shayne Zalameda (1 year ago)
Brief and helpful. Direct to the point, the way I like it. Thank you!!!
Rebecca Hadley (5 years ago)
Thank you for some great tips!
Nick Freeman (7 years ago)
Great tips. It's amazing how many organisations make do with substandard copy, even on websites and within brochures! Small businesses can always employ a freelance copywriter to make sure everything is in shape. Try succinctcopy.webs.com

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