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STREETSTAR 2013 - Vogue Femme Final Battle Lasseindra (FRA) vs Ida"Inxi" Holmlund (FIN)

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Like STREETSTAR on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/StreetStar.UrbanArts Follow STREETSTAR on Instagram: https://instagram.com/streetstar_festival/ For more info check: http://www.streetstar.se/ Streetstar Vogue Femme Final Battle: WONDER WOMAN Lasseindra (FRA) WINNER against SAILOR MOON Ida "Inxi" Holmlund (FIN) at the Streetstar festival february 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden. Judges: Archie Burnett (US), Javier Ninja(US) and Leiomy(US). Dj: Vjuan Allure. Comentator: Dashaun Wesley (US).
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Text Comments (5675)
cryola (1 day ago)
Ngl I have no idea what was going on but I enjoyed it quite a lot
Sophia Mélanie (2 days ago)
Is it a a woman the black ?
AyeItsTre (3 days ago)
yall dont understand how much energy this takes, but yet again, it may just be because im big lol 😂😂
D N (3 days ago)
Both were great in their own way. Wonder Woman has my vote.
Karina Mendoza (4 days ago)
¿Soy la unica que vino por la "Feminista"?
Karina Mendoza (4 days ago)
¿Name song?
luisa agudelo (4 days ago)
This will never not be iconic
Sarah P. (6 days ago)
vamos al CLUB queen inxi
Almond Milk (8 days ago)
friend: do u know sign language? me: 1:05
Almond Milk (8 days ago)
inxi got 53 seconds and not a minutes but okay
AyeItsTre (3 days ago)
Almond Milk i knew i wasnt the only one who realized lol
Almond Milk (8 days ago)
masquerade hero is shaking
Almond Milk (8 days ago)
when its the last day of school
Jaumn BR (8 days ago)
Ok, how did I stop here?
Slamani Amine (11 days ago)
When you don't have school in the morning It's the worst dance i ever see in my entire life 🖐🖐🖐
Almond Milk (8 days ago)
sis i wanna see you do a death drop and perfect it like that
Black White (11 days ago)
Sailor won- the other girl was good but sailor was the obvious winner
Alberto García (11 days ago)
What is the name of this dance style???
Almond Milk (5 days ago)
Alberto García mhm
Alberto García (5 days ago)
Thank u very much guys!!! :)
Almond Milk (8 days ago)
Ailton Junior (8 days ago)
Emshii Klimt (12 days ago)
This is me when i want to throw everything in the office when the deadline is near and i haven't done anything yet XD
Vic Syy (12 days ago)
I recently watched a documentary where Lasseindra went back to their home country to teach kids vogue. Then I youtube voguing and the first thing I find is Lasseindra.
I religiously watch before any important event, it gives me strength
Sa3ooda (13 days ago)
*crush walks in* Friend: act normal Me:
Gus Alcon (13 days ago)
Are these men?
Stacey Freeman (16 days ago)
Wonder Woman did that.
Wild Wylee (17 days ago)
When you and your sister are left home alone
Quirk (19 days ago)
How was this in my recommended
The Outsider (20 days ago)
The white gurl got hips and body she still moves like flailing chicken
The Outsider (20 days ago)
Shangela as Sailor Moon
Ailton Junior (8 days ago)
Shangela could never...
David John (20 days ago)
What is this amazing song
Gino7lord (16 days ago)
Thundercat Ha!
SAVEGE BEAST (20 days ago)
I didnt know what vogueing was until i saw fresh prince of bel air💀
Ashe • (21 days ago)
Clearly, the winner of this competition should be the ref with his fire skills
Koke Hdz (21 days ago)
This is still my favorite video ever
YourPilon (22 days ago)
Had sound off in this and when they started synchronized falling, it's just so funny 😂
BruceWayne297 (23 days ago)
I want to know what was in the swag bag. Also, Wonder Woman may have the power and endurance but I think Sailor Moon won.
CC CC (23 days ago)
I don’t really like voguing... they just move like drunken ladies and they just death drop for every drop, no creativity
Almond Milk (7 days ago)
CC CC then where is it?
CC CC (7 days ago)
It’s not on my channel
Almond Milk (8 days ago)
CC CC bitch where is it? i dont see it sister
CC CC (8 days ago)
HAHAHA, i do not recommend you challenging me like that, i don’t have to upload anything cause it’s already uploaded
Almond Milk (8 days ago)
upload a video right now of you of dancing better then this.
X Xaire (24 days ago)
The right person won: Sailor Moon was scared to really DROP
wesley (26 days ago)
a mulher maravilha kkkkkkkkk
U know those days were u wanted to watch a video about getting ur life together but u end up unexpectedly spending 6 hours on YouTube
Josue Gonzalez (26 days ago)
the mc was nfire feel his ass 1000%
Yanabay UTAU (26 days ago)
nobody: worms on dry land: 2:53
Joon Kim (28 days ago)
I had no choice but click this video because of thumbnail....
iTzIsaacFTW (1 month ago)
Me : Fck tomorrow I have exmas.. Me in the exams trying to write something. My last brain cells :
Me and my friend when.... well, everytime
Method_M (1 month ago)
Raven Kylle N. Topia (1 month ago)
Try 2x speed so funny hahahaha
Brian Jacobi (1 month ago)
The MC needs to shut the fuck up.
x_toxicity (1 month ago)
I must’ve missed this episode Of Sailor Moon
André Barreto (1 month ago)
One of the most iconic Vogue battles in herstory, period.
Almond Milk (8 days ago)
history* periodt*
Darish Zone (1 month ago)
I become obsessed with this video after i saw Climax movie dance, i was not aware of this new Vogue moves, used to dancing a lot on 90's without drops lol. The crouch move and drop seems very knees killers, even if they drop on a very specific way arrange weight to control impact. Impressive. The Sailor Moon dancer is a genius, she manage to add anime moves and ballet moves into routines, and she follow the beat like a machine. Terrific technique. The black girl is more show and maybe faithful of Vogue dance spirit, but i don't like so much her rhythm. My vote for Sailor Moon. Both great athletes though, even mc is great.
Samara (1 month ago)
Sponsored by kitkat
amanda lazo (1 month ago)
the justice league and sailor scouts were found in a grave
Izar Van Persie (1 month ago)
Who win? I think women on top wining
w3ndigirl (1 month ago)
And i thank the black transwomen and femme queens in that past that fought hard for this ♥♥♥
Kay Nate (1 month ago)
I'm in love with Inxi's 5:38 dip
Me when my parents bring food from McDonald's
liffty XD (1 month ago)
These hoes makes vauging(spelling ?) looks so easy damn gia gunn is shaking
Su Stuart (1 month ago)
Su Stuart (1 month ago)
Wow appropriation of Black & Latino NYC ball culture for sport. It’s one thing to honor & another to copy without understanding the why behind the phenomenon
Gino7lord (24 days ago)
I understand but alot of these dancers trained with ballroom legends and lasseindra spent many years in the new york ballroom scene.
God Bless (1 month ago)
Why did YouTube wanted me to watch this? 😂
When I tell my mom I can’t dance. But this how I dance when I’m home alone.
Gay Man 6000 (1 month ago)
2:53 Beyblade beyblade let it riiip!
enrc0gastaldi (1 month ago)
Is this a thing ? 😂
Charlie Brown (1 month ago)
The "wonder woman" is a dude, right?
Angel Garza (1 month ago)
No one: Me and my best friend at the graduation dance:
hollysaga (1 month ago)
Reasons of earthquakes
Prussia Tamer (1 month ago)
My friend sent this to the group chat......idk what to think rn....
Shay Jeanell (1 month ago)
Does anyone know the first song??😭
Gino7lord (24 days ago)
Thunder cat ha
demetre nadiradze (1 month ago)
Pretty sure it's made live.
Justin Bakuo (1 month ago)
She was off beat and boring
Jusslisin ToMe (1 month ago)
BHumble Family (1 month ago)
My damn turn
MrDelvoye (1 month ago)
flat .....No
White Raven (1 month ago)
Sailor moon won
cola j (1 month ago)
That white is werkin her ass off I'm sorry she brings it hard
Paulo Sampaio (1 month ago)
A morena dançou melhor.
Peach Mew (1 month ago)
Wait Wonder woman is a man??
francesca caputo (1 month ago)
sailer ho was robbed
mix& gaming (1 month ago)
OMG she s so sexyyyyyyyyyy❤ God i need just 1 day with this girl for the sex❤
ここにいるなゆ (1 month ago)
Silvana Sousa (1 month ago)
Melek Sehirlioglu (1 month ago)
wtf did I just watch ?
skeet skeet (1 month ago)
Melek Sehirlioglu Art.
Jamesha Lloyd (1 month ago)
The only difference was that wonder women know the music , and Culture
Digital Screams (1 month ago)
Sometimes I come back to this vid just to hear the guy on the mic! 😆
Kozukenma 1 (1 month ago)
Inxi was fucking ROBBED
Lucas Bicelli (1 month ago)
What’s the dance style name??
skeet skeet (1 month ago)
Lucas Bicelli vogue
Sprinklecake (1 month ago)
I’ve now seen Sailor Moon voguing like she’s at a damn ball. My life is complete.
Austin Panos (1 month ago)
Sailor Moon... shontae you stay. Wonder Woman... sashay... away
C. Conley (1 month ago)
I agree Sailor Moon 🌙 should’ve won this battle hands down. She destroyed Wonder Woman (ate her alive) and looked impossibly cute while doing it. Yasssssssssss Inxi 👏🏼
Annie MacFlannie (1 month ago)
Team Avatar The Last Airbender VS Team Marvel
Aiden (1 month ago)
Jesus H (1 month ago)
Although inxi didn’t win she became a meme so did she really lose?
Ashton Monica (1 month ago)
I'm still hunting for that "I got cramps, it's my time of the month" chant to this day 😭
Ashton Monica (26 days ago)
@Yura Uro not in this video lol! there's a video that was around of it and it got deleted i guess
Yura Uro (26 days ago)
Tony (1 month ago)
Wait so who won?
。。 (1 month ago)
totally cookie (1 month ago)
Does anyone know the first song
Rubycha (1 month ago)
srgntgalahad (1 month ago)
bitch! SAILOR MOON is robbed D:
Toya (1 month ago)
Wow I feel tired just watching. Lol Hope yall got some good rest afterwards >0< Also hope someone tries Sailor Moon vs Tuxedo Mask next time. XD Or Harry Potter vs Voldemort vs Dancing Hermione
ЩЦłłЏΞҐ (1 month ago)
jojos final battle
Orbital Wig (1 month ago)
Okay i clicked on it now fuck off
lucy louise (1 month ago)
Are these both guys?
Wonder woman is, sailor moon is not
germanmejor (1 month ago)
Akalambratic (2 months ago)
Just realized wonderwoman was a man 1/3 of the way through
Akalambratic (5 days ago)
@big thonk oh mah gawd
big thonk (5 days ago)
lmao it’s vouge they probably both are 😂
KawaiiLemon (2 months ago)
*sailor moon theme song playing* *me* :

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