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HIDDEN TEACHINGS of the Bible That Explain Manifestation, Consciousness & Oneness (POWERFUL Info!)

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The hidden teachings of the bible that explain manifestation consciousness & oneness ✅Take My Law Of Attraction Quiz & Get A Free Report! ➡ https://bit.ly/2ytEHhC These are the hidden teachings which Jesus spoke and Didymus Judas Thomas wrote down (known as The Gospel of Thomas). Within these teachings from Jesus, it explains manifestation, consciousness and oneness. Religion has their own explanation for leaving these secret sayings out of the bible. However, if this knowledge had been shared early on, our entire history may have changed. The sayings themselves are not the secret of these hidden teachings; the secret lies in their interpretation. Gregg Braden offers powerful information as he discusses what was eliminated from the bible by our western religion and how to use it to manifest what you want. Gregg Braden The Language Of The Divine Matrix full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKxl91U3ufI Law of Attraction does not bring positive results without positive beliefs and positive patterns. These principles are the secret formula to follow if you wish to align with your desires the way countless others have. You are a limitless creator. Learn how to break free from self-imposed limitations and live the life you desire! ✅ Click Here for the LOA Accelerator Flash Discount Price ➡ http://bit.ly/2Hh1kIH *Video Production/Content Copyrighted by Your Youniverse Channel ★ 50 Law of Attraction Exercises, Tips & Tricks to Hack Your Mind & Increase Your Manifestation Power➜http://amzn.to/2hV9o91 Please subscribe to my channel for more videos on the law of attraction and the secret to mastering your mind. https://www.youtube.com/c/youryouniversechannel?sub_confirmation=1 Purchase my best selling book here: ► Self-Maid - A maid-turned-doctor explains how to deliberately create your life using Universal Laws and the law of attraction → http://www.amazon.com/Self-Maid-ebook/dp/B01A4E0W7W My website and social media links: https://www.TheScienceofDeliberateCreation.com https://www.LawofAttractionAccelerator.com https://www.paypal.me/YourYouniverse (Donations/Support) https://sellfy.com/youryouniverse (Meditations) https://twitter.com/loa_youniverse https://www.facebook.com/lawofattractiontoo https://www.instagram.com/your.youniverse/ http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B018ECSHS2 https://plus.google.com/u/0/+YourYouniverseChannel https://www.pinterest.com/youryouniverse/ More law of attraction and mind secret videos: Guided Meditation for RAISING Your VIBRATION and CLEARING Negative Energy (Life Changing!) https://youtu.be/k6Xv_yUpvag SHIFT From WANTING to Having! Give Yourself PERMISSION to HAVE the Things You Want! https://youtu.be/_4tQf3OApUg What SUCCESSFUL People Do to CREATE Their REALITY! + 3 Tips to THINK HOW THEY THINK https://youtu.be/KHtmXM9t-go How to Use Brainwave ENTRAINMENT to SYNCHRONIZE Your VIBRATION & ATTRACT What You WANT! https://youtu.be/c4wfpYmXEZs How to INCREASE the PROBABILITY of CREATING What You WANT! Law of Attraction Exercise https://youtu.be/5p71SdrgIm8 How to MAKE Your DREAMS BECOME Your REALITY - 4 Simple Steps to MANIFEST WHAT YOU WANT!https://youtu.be/uzSABYV4tJs 8 Ways to Get INTUITIVE Direction from Your HIGHER SELF - Achieve More Happiness Success Abundance https://youtu.be/XrFcDKW3cog Turn Your Brain Into a CREATION MACHINE! 6 Steps to MANIFEST MORE of What You WANT! (Powerful!)https://youtu.be/qI4oOTW3gpI The Garden of Your Mind – Law of Attraction GUIDED MEDITATION (Plant the Seeds for WHAT YOU WANT!) https://youtu.be/s782CYQWZqw This How to START Your Day! Law of Attraction Morning ROUTINE to MANIFEST MORE of What YOU WANT! https://youtu.be/Pp2w_8sPFTs Three Ways to MASTER the Art of OBSERVATION! (Consciousness CREATES REALITY!) https://youtu.be/ehMERQN2TWg Law of Attraction | the secret | mind | powerful | key | success | life | training | coach | personal | business | speaker | development | inspiration | motivation | public speaking | leadership | marketing | management | coaching (industry) | sales | motivational | positive | entrepreneur | seminar | inspirational | new | 2018 | attract | create | manifest | the hidden teachings of the bible | jesus | manifestation | consciousness | oneness | powerful information | how to manifest what you want | this can change everything | the gospel of Thomas | awakening | enlightenment
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Sean S. (3 hours ago)
Ok idk why I’m just getting back to rewatching this video, since it’s been saved in my watch later file for years it seems like, but as the video starts talking about the Gospel of Thomas and the 45 some odd stories taken out of the Bible, I wonder if we’ll ever be able to just raid the library that’s in the Vatican? I know they’ve got it under such heavy security for lots of reasons. And I bet basically ALL of them hurt the the Roman Catholic Church to the point of not needing Roman Catholicism and I bet those gospels are in there somewhere along with mountains of other things us Christians SHOULD KNOW ABOUT!!! I cannot believe how much corruption has plagued such a supposed holy place smh. They’re all lying murderous warlocks that have their hand in child sex trafficking and sacrifice and witchcraft all in the name of Lucifer....they’re all luciferians and they even come out saying it in their sermons when the pope speaks.
Mike Harris (16 hours ago)
The Holy One of Israel of Isaiah the at-one-ment,
Mike Harris (16 hours ago)
The New Birth is coming right along with the New Heaven and New Earth and New People 💙 of Rev. Chapter 21
Nate Z (20 hours ago)
Im not surprised. The catholic chruch changed the bibal so they could use it as a means of power. If this was out in the open then they would have had none.
Golan Smith (1 day ago)
Moorish American National government. Land
Stephen James (1 day ago)
When you walk in spirit and live by Jesus words, you no longer have to worry about the flesh or demons or satan. Jesus said fear not what can kill the flesh but what can destroy both flesh and spirit. There your Gnostic in one comment lol
santiago amangan (2 days ago)
I don't know about you but what we are taught in the UK is how important your house your car and your job is and to borrow money to acquire these and your career is as important as life and death. I am starting to break free from these things where my dog is more important than my car and i forget my job the moment i go home. The central banks need us to borrow to prop up the worlds finances. Half of species are now extinct over a very short time and are we blind to that too. When Japanese nuclear disasters occur are we told that other stories and news take preference ? Course they do. Because its only our planet guys. I just feel trapped by it all and Jesus probably means teacher. How many teachers are their right now ? I just dented the body work of my car to lower its value. Guess what it's just a car, it still works. Dent the banking system, you still work. Freedom is freedom from nice houses, cars and trophy wives. All are required by bankers and ceo's. They then fence them off to protect them from people. They are the joke here.
Chaz Buck (3 days ago)
Jesus lived in Egypt/Kemet. He learned they had no hierarchy where men, kings, warriors were to dominate the masses who had to relinquish/submit their power to the King. The archeologist who was working for the Catholic Church to promote their dogma about a fake history as they could profit from it by creating a slave class. The Hebrews Jesus rebuked were using their new hierarchy to place them on the top (Gods Chosen) and women (cursed)on the below men of this fake man-made hierarchy. Jesus was taught to live in the Egalitarian society of the Egyptians, not with the Hebrews. This fact is critical to understanding Jesus/Yashwa. Almost nothing is ever taught about Jesus in Egypt and what he saw and learned. When have you ever heard Jesus saw the Pyramids in any Jewish or Christian teachings. Then Apocrypha 1 Maccabees 13:28 mentions seven pyramids. Dimensions of the Great Pyramids are probably on Ark of the Covenant, Temple of Salomo, Ark of Noah, Ezekiel Wheel and New Jerusalem models, maybe many other allegories. Every nation would envy the wisdom of Egypt and their achievements, the best way to disregard it would be not mentioning them, but transmuted them to own national legacy and excommunicate the origins. The Hebrews were totally diminished and made insignificant by the works of art, structures, and sheer beauty of the Egyptian society together with women being equal in every way. This is also what Jesus saw. Jesus was far more educated than the elite Pharisees and Sadducees. Why is it almost nothing is mentioned about this. Egypt is just miles from Israel. The religious leadership deemed this story as off limits to the masses. They demonized the Egyptians and claimed they were evil. Hum, do we trust them if God sent baby Jesus there to be safe from a wicked Hebrew King ordering a genocide of male babies. This alone will never be talked about in Churches or Synagogues. Only 312 miles from Cairo Egypt to Jerusalem. https://www.freemaptools.com/how-far-is-it-between-jerusalem_-israel-and-cairo_-egypt.htm When I was in Bible College I was astounded that I could not find any records for this time in Jesus life. I felt ripped off and made a trip to Egypt to find out for myself. Yep just as I thought. Nothing but lies about Egypt as to only draw all the attention to Israel and it's Male, King, War God. Now I understood Jesus feelings about Israel and the Hebrew leadership. I lost faith in our Religious system as Jesus did. I always ask so-called Christians and Jews about what Jesus learned and did in while living in Egypt. Go ahead and try asking anyone including Pastors and Rabbis yourself and hear what I heard for yourself.
Iceage2k (3 days ago)
all things are made by the Word of God. Jesus. the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord. it is by our faith in him do we have power. hallelujah and amen.
Pretty Girl (3 days ago)
He is very good!
joseph oshiotse (4 days ago)
Now i know some teachers are teaching wrongly, may God help us
pink flame (4 days ago)
Nothing is lost they intentionally removed it
carl scicchitano (4 days ago)
Thank Jessica I've the that speech by Greg! Thanks for sharing 👍👍 peace ✌ and love ❤ to all!
WOLFROY47 (5 days ago)
" and the meek shall inherit the earth " it didn't say anything about owning it or controlling it, to many power hungry people. live and let live and do unto others, as you would wish for yourself. it's not what everybody else does, it's what you do, or don't do that's important. you can't fix the world, but, you don't have to help make it worse than it is
WOLFROY47 (5 days ago)
the reason we have lost the truth is because it has been hijacked by religion, they all want to own god. god can't be owned and sold, like some tourist trinket. god exists, but is nothing like you have been brainwashed to believe . i resent that religion is being used as a means of control, and not to lead us to a better understanding of our existence. i think that a question that most of have asked is why ? does life have a purpose ? well the answers aren't in any book, there within you. you exist in a material world so you need a material body. but, is this all you are ? i think that your a life force, using a material body, to gain experience, and maybe wisdom of how to do it right. and what have we done with it ? mostly screwed up the earth where we live. how dumb is that ? " seek and you shall find " it's worth looking. and no i can't give it to you. only you can do that
B Smith (5 days ago)
this is the same thing as Eastern thought teaches....One Source descended as individual beings coming back to realize they are not "separate" from the Source but a manifestation of it which has forgotten its true identity.
Blue Quirk (6 days ago)
Who am I
The Hunderith Monkey (2 days ago)
We are souls who are seeking 💡. And to learn about it as much as possible. Adam needed to grow spiritualy so he was placed in a dimension of duality............. to find the opposite of satanism. Do U know what the opposite of satanism is . Everything is dual. Everything has poles. Everything has it's pair of opoesits. Like and unlike are the same. Opoesits are identical in nature but different in degrees. All manifested things have two sides .
Hank Kuya (7 days ago)
Came from the light 😦. Genesis says different in the creation of Adam; & Eve came from out of Adam. This gospel of Thomas will make many doubting Thomas’s.
Suzi Paloozie (7 days ago)
"If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed nothing shall be impossible unto you". Can't remember the verse location... I had a necklace with a charm that was see through had that verse written in the back and a tiny mustard seed that shook around inside when I was 8 yrs old. I loved that necklace and wore it for a couple of years. Don't know what happened to it...
The bible is a blueprint of how to be a God, when you find how, you will be troubled by it, you will become desperate, you will loose your head over , like happen to me
Chris Brown (8 days ago)
To find the all powerful self inside us all. First you must truly make what you desire more then anything to become true knowledge. True knowledge is knowledge of the universe, energy, god which is also the light from which we all came. You must find a way to crave, seek, desire to want to become the all knowing more then the desires of this world like sex money fame fortune. But you can not accomplish this first step until you yourself and the kingdom in and around you truly know that, that which you seek you will never desist on seeking until you find that which you seek. The energy/knowledge itself you seek will not show itself or understand it is even being called upon by you until you yourself know and show that you want whole heartedly nothing more in life then to find the truth and will never give up searching for it no matter what. When your heart of hearts 100% desire is true knowledge more then sex, drugs, money, power, then you will find that which is all. And when you find that which is all you be troubled/confused. Then you will marvel/ obsess over it. Then you will become it/ it will become you. And then your life will become fulfilled and rich with everything you ever need and wanted
scarlet cil (8 days ago)
scarlet cil (8 days ago)
I have a spiritual gift from god . And finally meet my true soulmate. To awakening my mind.
scarlet cil (8 days ago)
I don’t believe in any religion. Because religion Create woman . Not God .
scarlet cil (8 days ago)
Yes I believe in you ♥️
Tamea Joyceline (8 days ago)
This is most important Bible verses I wanted to hear every day is my life. Thanks 🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌
Jan H (8 days ago)
No wonder THEY took this book out. Excluded. It is so crystal clear. The messages and teachings in this book. And these are the actual words of Jesus? I am now realized. I can live in the REAL reality of this world. My actual depression went away. I am not joking. Just when I thought YouTube is just an escape activity to my life problems.. It gave an actual answer.. And let me tell you, i am not seeking this. I am not searching for Gospel of Thomas or lost teachings, lost books. No. I have no idea of this. I am just doing my regular watching of youtube. Then this is there. Just there, recommended.
Chris Oakes (8 days ago)
The pointy hat wearing vatican is the anit-christ.
Chris Oakes (8 days ago)
The physical plane is not solid but Energy at a slowed vibration.
Ann Kariuki (9 days ago)
I love this
LME (9 days ago)
Proverbs 18:21. Looks like we bring on life and death on us by the words we speak. By our thoughts and our words. Speak life and you will eat its fruit.  :) Its a shame these points are not dwelt on by our churches who are asked to pray for the sick and put oil on them, etc. There is no healing today in our churches as they are not following much of this teaching.
IP Needly (9 days ago)
So If I were to Add Another Chemical to Your Chem Trail. Could you Explode?
IP Needly (9 days ago)
So You must Be Some sort of Chemical Chem Trail.
IP Needly (9 days ago)
Cercaling Air and Water dew Vapars. Cool down To Proper Body Temperature.
IP Needly (9 days ago)
After You step away from the water The Air cools it down dramatically.
IP Needly (9 days ago)
Star Dust Cools Down Dramitcaly Like A Hot Skillet ran Under water.
IP Needly (9 days ago)
Same for All of drug particals.
IP Needly (9 days ago)
So Your Not A Mountain at All. You Are Star Dust Elements. All Around. The Nicotine Was Always Around everywhere. The Tabaco plant Colleted it.
IP Needly (9 days ago)
The Mountain Can Only Be Were A Mountain Is always at For It is Imovable, So You Have to go back to where You Belong.
IP Needly (9 days ago)
Manifest That Into My Mind's Eye.
IP Needly (9 days ago)
Block That Disturbing Images, From Withen The Light Of my Hart and Mind.
IP Needly (9 days ago)
I wanted Painted Black? Right. After Dr. Hook gets on the Cover of the Rolling Stones?
s ryburn (7 days ago)
what code lingo you speakin, hipster?
IP Needly (9 days ago)
A Rolling Stone?
IP Needly (9 days ago)
If I Lived In A Garage, Would I Be Poor, or Rich?
IP Needly (9 days ago)
Tom Your Mind. Follows And Moves With My Shadow.
{// WTF! //} (9 days ago)
one can truly, from the heart "ask for" and "believe", for example, that death or taxes don't exist (to be somewhat cliche') and they won't exist in your reality ... ??? ... ahhhhhh... try ignoring the IRS for a couple years and see what happens... even that Buddhist Monk would wish he hadn't as he goes through endless eternity hounded by the manifestation of Satan on Earth. I'd rather be dead myself...
santiago amangan (9 days ago)
jon david (9 days ago)
you do know all this stuff is hidden because it comes from black people right?
Lorelei Lee (9 days ago)
Buddhism and Hinduism have a vast amount of texts, passed down faithfully from generation to generation, but sadly, Christian texts have been severely cut and censured to the extent that there's almost nothing left of the living spirituality whose ghost seem to haunt it, just out of reach.
Spirtual Gangsta (9 days ago)
The info is in this video is beautiful, This is in complete alignment with everything. That I have always believed, even though when i was a child the church tried to brainwash me. I'm so happy I fought through it, thank u so much for the video.
Lola Baron (10 days ago)
This teachings are exactly what SATANISMUS is teaching. Please dont be fooled by the devils lies. Jesus left us the BIBLE not this!
The Hunderith Monkey (2 days ago)
I would be convinced U know what satanism is. If U can tell me what the opposite of satanism is. And remember everything has poles. Everything has it's pair of opoesits. Like and unlike are the same. Opoesits are identical in nature but different in degrees. All manifested things have two sides. So your clue is it's like satanism but not exactly. Adam needed to grow spiritualy so he was placed in a dimension of duality............. to find the opposite of satanism.
texaswinter1 (10 days ago)
prithuadhikary (10 days ago)
We have unevolved.. all that ancient wisdom is lost somewhere..
John Wharehinga (10 days ago)
The truth unvailed... Well done Brother Gregg .
KandI Megahan (10 days ago)
If only such people would hear the Gospel found in the Bible, they would not go after such silly "servers", but bask in pure Bliss! This distracts from the Life that we enjoy in Jesus, convincing people to work hard for a miniscule crumb if what we have already been lavished on as a gift - and so such "knowledge" teachers miss Life, and teach others to miss Joy and peace, and end then up in more sorrowful toil that comes from this fake Gospel.
John Wharehinga (10 days ago)
God does not care what you call him... Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha whatever ! All God cares about is that you believe . So whether you believe in anyone of these names above or one that you subject to being devine... Your prayers will be answered .
Virgin Kolada (10 days ago)
And now the pope is here trying to edit the Lords Prayer, God guide us to see the truth and light the darkness
Robert Bird (11 days ago)
Totally untrue,,Satan has produced many manuscripts all over the world and throughout time! This gospel of Thomas is just another roadblock from Lucifer to try and steer Gods people to stray from his word.
P R (11 days ago)
So similar to the Hindu teachings. ADVAITA VEDANTA God is the energy. Energy is everywhere. Energy condensed is matter. The Universe is filled with dark energy and dark matter. In other words, scientist have found that all of the Universe is permeated by an energy that they cannot explain. Similarly you can think of God as permeating everything. God condensed is Vyakta, and God in his pure form is Nirguna according to Advaita. Below are few lines from RIGVEDA 10:129 Nasadiya Sukta , Creation Hymn , (3000 year old Vedic scripts.) Then even nothingness was not, nor existence, There was no air then, nor the earth, heavens beyond it. There was no space, then who was protecting the space, What covered it? Where was it? In whose keeping Was there then cosmic water, in depths unfathomed? Means there was nothing. Then in boisterous, there was neither death nor immortality nor was there then the appearance of night and day. The One (Brahma) breathed actionlessly in illusion (maya) and self-sustaining. There was that One (Brahma) with maya then, and there was nothing beyond them. In Catastrophe, at first there was only darkness wrapped in darkness, All this was only unillumined water. Action and Cause were merged filled with ignorance, That One (Brahma) took action complementing with cause, resolving to penance created the Universe. In the beginning will-power descended on Brahma – that was the primal seed, born of the mind. The sages of this material world, searched their hearts with wisdom, to know that which is kin to that which is not. Like rays of Sun, strong resolution to and for creation imbibed. And they have stretched their cord across the void, Was the existent skewed or in the middle, was above or below. It was spread akin. On birth of the world, powers with seed, form and action made fertile mighty forces. Others were great existing above in the sky. Spirituality excels materialism. But, after all, who knows, and who can say in detail, Who else can let us know, how and why the creation happened, Whence it all came, and how creation happened? the gods themselves are later than creation, so who knows truly whence it has arisen? Whence all creation had its origin, the creator, whether he fashioned it or whether he did not, the creator, who surveys it all from highest heaven, he knows — or maybe even he does not know.
IvyIvy Curtis (11 days ago)
this is great and so true
Carlo isokessu (11 days ago)
Some text is removed because it\s made by normal men in some library, not with the power of God, to men and some text is removed by other men like Martin Luther, who was propably like @what is this shit, maybe I just remove it so people dont mind their head with this. XD i\m not saying that this is what he said but I can totally image that. But that makes me wonder, does the German and Italians read different bible
Isaias Classen (11 days ago)
So literally the verses tell that everything is inside you, everything is you and only you.
Lau Tofu (11 days ago)
Why christian still silent even their bible do not have all true jesus teaching??
Mussie Abraham (10 days ago)
My brother i dont know....but i really know that GOD in the form of man came to earth to save us...JESUS....about 2000 yrs ago to save us
Jason Marshall (11 days ago)
“We shall Ionize!i”
Anthony Hinds (11 days ago)
sonnyboy2 (11 days ago)
" We Were Born 2 Succeed But Programmed 2 FAIL " {{ The TRUTH May Hurt, But The LIES Will KILL Ya }}.. 39 OT + 27 NT (( 66 total )) + the number of man is 6 ( i.e. reading the bible in the flesh )=666 THE DEVIL'S GREATEST ENDTIME DECEPTION IS READING THE BIBLE WITHOUT THE HOLY SPIRIT...u.think ? ? ?
Dion Smith (12 days ago)
Wow ... People are so easily deceived by doctrines of devils ... Jesus Christ has all power ... Pray in the name of Jesus Christ . Read your Bible and pray. Stay away from the lost books of the bible. They are lost for a reason. Stick to the Holy Scriptures!!!
alleyrat1476 Anderson (12 days ago)
I love the Gospel of Thomas.
William Jones (12 days ago)
If you read Neville work you should know this law , google Neville Goddard “this is my name forever “ and you should grasp it and also his book called “resurrection “
Art Stanton (12 days ago)
This is hard core Babylonian religion.
akku shadow (12 days ago)
Still this is happening somebody thinks they are the authority and they decide what the world must see and not to see Censoring us from informations
Random Stuff (13 days ago)
The truth of these sayings is we are both spiritual and physical in one temple, when people finally wake up they will come to realize that religion was misused and misunderstood in fact we don't need religion, Jesus was not speaking religion he was speaking to tell the truth that only certain people will understand, like myself. When you realize our true potential as human beings all will Marvell, when everyone realize that we all can be Christ like we will kick ourselves in the ass because in order to reach that level you must she'd the Ego and Love and respect 🙏 others views and ways. Everyone is going through thier own journey and we should not judge others.
Rick Smith (13 days ago)
Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Jesus is the only way. Follow Jesus, not men.
Winston Paria (13 days ago)
I read that
Shroud Inquiry (13 days ago)
“For I know the plans that I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:11-13 For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16
Ramil Langaman (13 days ago)
Deut:30:12,14 It is not in heaven, that thou shouldest say, Who shall go up for us to heaven, and bring it unto us, that we may hear it, and do it? Luke 17:21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold the Kingdom of God is within you. Roma.10:6--8
Alain Vosselman (13 days ago)
We are not all one.... Narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths have a different opinion and i certainly do not want them to be part of 'humanity'. They are living creatures and wear a human suite... but they are not part of us.
Brian Bingham (13 days ago)
The Bible teaches that Jesus was the very first created being! God is not a trinity!
Camille The Panther (13 days ago)
I always knew that some was fishy about the scrolls that are kept secret in the Vatican, and why the Greek version of the Bible is so different than the English version
WaVy NaVy (13 days ago)
your thoughts define your actions.
Roz S (13 days ago)
This man knows the Gnostics Christian view...Freemason / Knights Templar view...all the same.
Miss Dipika (13 days ago)
Who all were watching and taking notes? Give a thumbs up. If any. Or am I was the only one! 😅
Lashauna Goodwin (14 days ago)
Stop celebrating Christmas!!😉❤
Bob Marley (19 hours ago)
@Stephen James Jesus was born in the fall during the census. Christmas is pagan. Different cultures use different names for same key players. Semiramis was Noah's granddaughter, and both the mother and wife of Nimrod. This is where Christmas tree tradition comes from. Nimrod was hunter. Also relates to statue of liberty. Nimrod also same as sun God Ra. The rays in liberty's head is representation to sun God Ra.
Nate Z (20 hours ago)
@Stephen James Im jewish, i dont celebrate Christmas. I think im good lol.
Stephen James (1 day ago)
@1FatHappyBirthday its a day catholics celebrate the birthday of jesus how is that wrong ?
Stephen James (1 day ago)
@1FatHappyBirthday Wrong, Im catholic we celebrate the birth of Jesus who is the only way we can be saved from sin. Only through him can you recieve the holy spirit. You cant recieve forgivness on your own .
1FatHappyBirthday (5 days ago)
You are correct. Dec 25th is not the birthday of Jesus. It is a Catholic/pagan mix called Christ Mass. Don't celebrate it. It is not from God.
Lashauna Goodwin (14 days ago)
This got me so hype right now! We was lied to all our lives! We are lost!!! I thank God for trying to gain more knowledge I'm learning sooo much! Glory be to my Father 🙌🙌🙌 Peace to my brother 🤞🤞🤞❤❤❤👑
Tina Hardman (14 days ago)
So then The Bible is rewritten Books left out to teach us What they want us to learn So it contains r not True The Roman Catholic Church has also admitted they changed The Ten Commandments too changed one commandment into two and left one out SO THE BIBLE THEY HAVE RELEASED FOR US TO READ IS ACTUALLY DEMONICTIZED
Lashauna Goodwin (14 days ago)
Yes! Keep the sabbath day holy, which is not a SUNday..😉
David Means (14 days ago)
Gospel of Thomas is a Gnostic writing. The Gnostics believed the evil god, the Demiurge, created the heavens, earth, and man. The Demiurge is the god of the Jews and the author of the Old Testament. Gnosticism teaches that Jesus earned the right to become the son of God and was adopted at his baptism. They believed that all matter is evil since the Demiurge is evil himself; they taught that Jesus transcended matter, and He calls all people to transcend matter and be spiritual instead. They teach that Father God gave us the New Testament (but not the OT), and since we have those writings, it's all we need until we are made spiritual.
Johnny Atoms (14 days ago)
Understanding is honesty. Honesty is the Father of truth, the counsellor, Guiding you..
Jon Doe (13 days ago)
John is almost done. By the way, that's "Satan's" real name.The real Satan is God's brother, and a legend in God's eyes. They both had to make it through the Inferno. The second existence after the "Big Bang". This is the fourth existence. Oh by the way, "fallen angels" are from Orion's Belt.
Johnny Atoms (14 days ago)
Perception in utterance is the foundation of every language in expression and relationship.
Johnny Atoms (14 days ago)
Don't get on a power-trip! Experience validates council. Experience is the teacher. Discretion is the leader. Discretion comes from experience. Insight becomes perception in expression reflecting discretion as council experienced in relationship reproducing after it's kind. - the homeless in Babylon. HE'S US!
G.I.A Not a jew (15 days ago)
The Protocols purports to document the minutes of a late-19th-century meeting attended by world Jewish leaders, the "Elders of Zion", who are conspiring to take over the world.[27][28] The forgery places in the mouths of the Jewish leaders a variety of plans, most of which derive from older antisemitic canards.[27][28] For example, the Protocols includes plans to subvert the morals of the non-Jewish world, plans for Jewish bankers to control the world's economies, plans for Jewish control of the press, and – ultimately – plans for the destruction of civilization.[27][28] The document consists of twenty-four "protocols", which have been analyzed by Steven Jacobs and Mark Weitzman, who documented several recurrent themes that appear repeatedly in the 24 protocols,[c] as shown in the following table:[29]
cleversausage (15 days ago)
hey that tomb i saw on another bbc timeline doco and it was claimed to be jesus' tomb!
Gwen Scott (15 days ago)
I think the kings and authorities who translated the Bible to English did so in a manor, to give them power and control over the people. The whole church in the western world is a farce.
Brian Radabaugh (10 days ago)
So true beyond u can imagine look into theosophy and become enlightened
Brian Bingham (13 days ago)
That is absolutely true!
R Mohr (15 days ago)
as Lambs unto the world of wolves . . ...meaning this wicked World, every aspect of it-is practiced evils. The Church does a grave dis-service to men ! Jesus continually warned of who ? the scribes. Nag Hammadi Scriptures.
April Sutton (15 days ago)
I have found my connection to all thru kundalini yoga along with congestion mixed with prana to heal my body now connecting to all ..thru infinity breath and pushing toxins out my body but clearing for all ..finding my sushumna .. and activating all energy centers and activating chakra vortexes .. These shuman resonance is amazing ..my poor honeys hearing aids go crazy ..he is almost deaf . Due to strange infections.of the ear .. But we are taking advantage of every moment as super young grandparents...these babies make is young again.. Love this channel thank you
Ella Breclaw (15 days ago)
And God says my people die for lack of knowledge.....
Mark Sanchez (16 days ago)
No all power comes from the father remember when Christ said to polit " the only power you have is the power my father in heaven gives you sorry white people the Bible just wasn't written for you it for his chosen you know the ones you insisted on screwing over this is truely is your last days in these last days the truth is truth
myson ueda (16 days ago)
15:00 i think i somehow get it. i tried it before. and yes it does work but the outcome is so devastating. you need to control your emotion if you gonna try it.
Nour Nour (16 days ago)
"If you have faith you can tell the mountain move ,it move "Jesus Christ
CompelledUnbeliever (14 days ago)
Yet no one has been able to turn a mustard seed asunder by faith. It is simply a lie.
Mark Horton (16 days ago)
The Gnostics were NOT Christians. The 45 books were never part of the Word of God. Salvation is from God NOT from within. Anyone who says that they can save themselves is not saved.
Kim Rice (12 days ago)
Yorukon3 And YOU ARE?!!
shaun humphreys (14 days ago)
im an ex christian but agree that the gnostics were written like 200 years after the gospels. they are separate from historic christianity and there was a good reason they never made the canonical new testment, because they completely disagree with the other new testament texts written by the apostles.
Yorukon3 (14 days ago)
@Kim Rice You weren't entirely attentive.
Yorukon3 (14 days ago)
What's being shown is the exact gnostic text that was already included, reduced & butchered. I don't know what argument you're even trying to make.🤔
Kim Rice (14 days ago)
Mark Horton He’s NOT talking about being “saved!” He’s explaining HOW TO PRAY!!

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