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'The Review' Explores Rising Fashion Brands at PROJECT NY

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Text Comments (29)
David R (6 months ago)
Lawdhabmercy1 (9 months ago)
Good job Noah!
daviddanmark13 (10 months ago)
Lots of well funded rich kid virtue signalling. Little actual clothing worth wearing.
Siya Mdlazi (10 months ago)
all these brands have no ambition and they all the same stuff basic simple and no unique design
Young Nerdy (11 months ago)
Me like
Mad Myers (11 months ago)
Damn it’s so sad how bad those ppls designs in the beginning were
Nils Reinecke (11 months ago)
The Second dude is such a Jerry Lorenzo knock off 😂
Brian Kim (11 months ago)
I’m so proud of AJ. Everyone support Sanct 🖤
Nexus (11 months ago)
Nice swag!
Yusof Sarangani (11 months ago)
I know inside his mind he's belittling each one of them. LOLz
Noah M (11 months ago)
aj this isn't a timed interview
Shilo Garcons (11 months ago)
That sanct brand looks nice.
Six Hearts (11 months ago)
most of these are atrocious in my personal opinion. Does not stand out or exceed limits.. Put asspizza on this shit
fish (11 months ago)
The concepts for these collections are so pretentious 🙄🔫
josh gantt (11 months ago)
check out @healthclothing
Nils Reinecke (11 months ago)
Man the third dude was the worst with all this war bullshit 😂
Adriano (11 months ago)
when talking about your brand always drop in these key words. "Elevated" "Identity" "Silhouette" "Juxtaposition"
lilbape (11 months ago)
imo being a (American) version of another brand (apc & acne) is never a good approach to start a brand especially if the clothes are not even close to the concept nor quality
Clément (11 months ago)
Sanct is fire
So Jaded (11 months ago)
Clément (11 months ago)
Anyone know their insta ?
Pinki Mietz (11 months ago)
Some of the clothing is so crazy but still boring in a way. Idk.
Kyler Sommer (11 months ago)
People who play sports are figures of authority?
Khalil Santarém (11 months ago)
Great content! Keep up the good work!
Alvin Anis (11 months ago)
Really enjoyed these types of content lately. Keep doing more!
OY3AH! (11 months ago)
BrickMaster (11 months ago)
Roger Xavier (11 months ago)
First like
Lucky de Santa (11 months ago)
Hmmmmm not really my taste but its cool

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