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Outlets vs retail, and Winners prices: Sale fail? (CBC Marketplace)

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Text Comments (1884)
Jarek Kozera (3 hours ago)
Quality is not important, it is not important whether the brand is original. For 99% of people who buy in these places the most important thing is that on the bag, on the glasses, on the jeans is known and clearly visible - a large gold brands. And of course they have money for it. Marketing has done brainwashing and tie are the effects. You can see with embarrassment ladies 140 150 cm growth from countries where the main means of transport are animals or bicycles that proudly parade with many shopping bags of very well-known brands. Next to it are former owners of these elephants and bikes and dream of buying a hat Tommy Hilfiger - and the biggest problem is a very small badge. These are changes and generational and sociological. If you do such a policy - it is easier to manage the society. Consent to marijuana trade - what is it? Exactly the same. Russia has been drinking its nation vodka for hundreds of years and management. Canada will give marijuana and it will have a society that is easy to rule. If a lot of people are running and looking for where to buy a cheap handbag of a well known brand, then there is no time to think what is good and what is bad. Not today, not tomorrow but in 5-10 years on the street there will be those who have just used marijuana, others who are lining up for 5 dollars adidas sports shoes, and the rest will walk with a small screen and look for pokemon. It's worth to see and understand more.
vickimon (11 hours ago)
So you're paying $169 for cotton? when the raw material + labor costs around $7-10 USD to produce?
Tiny Teeny (15 hours ago)
Brands beyond anything
Dan Bren (16 hours ago)
I know CBC doesnt have adds in their videos and there are no add markers in the video timeline so why am i getting adds is youtube doing this no matter what ?
Rick (1 day ago)
Noo doobt aboot it!!! you make us normal sounding Canadians look/sound bad!!!
Horrie Schut (1 day ago)
so brands make their own knock-offs
sabrina berriez (1 day ago)
Wait, did these people really believe that they were getting the same product for less cost? Because that's so illogical and unrealistic. The outlets are not a magical place where the rules of a market economy don't exist. You're paying less for a reason.
Valery Rivera (3 days ago)
People seem naive obviously is not 100% same quality but they are not knock offs they just might have a little problem (most of the time only visible to quality control)so they can be sold at full price but still good and they do last.
mona aziz (3 days ago)
Wow that shock me 😮😮
Josh Lockie (3 days ago)
I’ve bought a ton of stuff at winners that has the original tag of twice as much. You have to know what you’re doing. Not just buy at random like these pricks.
Brenda Laprince (3 days ago)
That's a total rip off. The store still gets the profits for the cheaper clothes. It makes more sense to buy from the stores sale rack. Outlets are not that much of a bargain anyway.
Yogur Lapiz (4 days ago)
I do t get what is retail or outlets XD For me is all shops, i hate shopping so i alwayd go to a place where i can find most the clothes shops together and then i just go and see prices, then i go, try and buy what i need, thatd if possible at home i see what kind of clothes they have. In the end i buy the end season stock at a low price and just go home. I dont look theyr brands or high quality because i know i will be changing my clothes in 3 years or so, ir maybe i will move so i hate taking things with me so i donate most of my clothes and carry 60kg of clothes (winter + summer + shoes) XD
Dee.d (5 days ago)
SohaiL Rehman (6 days ago)
*WOW I never ESPECT they r cheating us like that😠😡😳👺👹😈*
judy valencia (6 days ago)
I am so thankful that you put out this information. I have learned so much, not only on this subject but others that you have posted. I am not Canadian, but even us Texans are willing and able to learn.
Stevens Gold (7 days ago)
i will not really mind as long they are fashionable and makes me happy to wear them.
Cassandra Frantz (7 days ago)
When it comes to Tjmax I never shop there but I do know to know how much something actually cost first.
Legodog890 (7 days ago)
At least the associate didn't lie
Bonnie (10 days ago)
eBay purchase... just checked my Kate Spade wrist Wallet... it has a stamp for its symbol... clearly not retail. I have had it for years and the metallic leather is looking shabby 😩... ripped off
chevon1920 (10 days ago)
A lot of this crap is just paying for the name anyway so what difference does it make, 🤷🏿‍♀️
MINI ME (11 days ago)
I do not feel rip of because i do not by from retailer - because i do not want pay for small difference double money, even for outlet staff i do not want to pay - I love thrift stores - there is real price for overpriced garbage
jewel and friends (12 days ago)
Not all the time we always get what we paid for
Grace Siewert (12 days ago)
how is this deceptive when you can tell the quality before you buy? Your paying a fraction of the price, for a fraction of the quality, why is anyone surprised at all. If you think a sweater feels thin or a bags leather isn't heavy enough, don't buy it...
Lisa Donahue (14 days ago)
Those corporate higher ups are scared AF to talk to anyone about the absolute CRAP they are selling!! It's hilarious 😂
Bee Thao (14 days ago)
who cares about quality, we just want the brand name. it's not like you're gonna keep an item for years, you'll replace it in months.
kiddiecarbeds (15 days ago)
The sad reality is that consumers are not materialistic but actually fashionistic . They want the latest brand and model and probably care less about the small quality difference in the bags.
Dim Sum (15 days ago)
So whats the point if we are paying less amount we are getting less quality
lubna abdelaziz (15 days ago)
not everyone looks for good quality which last longer. myself i get bored and i get rid of whatever i buy after couple times wearing them
beispielsweise weise (16 days ago)
You get what you pay for, if you don't want a rip-off, then go buy at a retail store and pay full price.
lil reindeer (16 days ago)
Yeah but those are nice brands, not like nike and under armour.
foosheezoo (17 days ago)
I but at Outlets when possible, I feel like the quality is still the same. The clothes and jeans last me as long as a retail place. Also I love the Michael Kors outlet, my purses and wallets have lasted and my watch is still good. American Eagle and Bath & Body have amazing outlets ♥️♥️♥️
Ingrid Dubbel (18 days ago)
NEVER buy outlet. It is always lower quality.
Donald John Trump (19 days ago)
The little diamond means that is it real?
Joshua Ron Marasigan (22 days ago)
Your just paying for the name not the quality that's the reality
Law19157 (22 days ago)
Should the quality matter to women? they only wear their clothes once
Law19157 (22 days ago)
Wow.....this lady has some incredible hips, she's got an hourglass body
Jacqu J (23 days ago)
Might as well buy fakes then since the brands don't care about the quality of their goods.
Isa belle (24 days ago)
8 YRS OLD EXPIRED SKIN CARE AS ''REGULAR'' WINNER'S PRODUCT BEING SOLD.... DAILY.  Winners is also knowingly selling expired skin care product at this present time in Canada. I have proof that, in the past (I contacted the brands in question: Elizabeth Arden, Lierac, etc.), I purchased a few (I mean, a lot...) skin care products at winners that were around 8 YEARS OLD. There's no law in Canada regarding shelf life expiry date (expiry before opening) if the compagnie sets the shelf life of an item to more then a certain period of time (I believe more then 24 months). That said, it is not that products ''never expire'', it means that compagnies have no obligation to print an shelf life date to products that they are ''expecting'' to be good for more then a certain period of time (again, I believe it is 24 months) without being open. In result, you can easily being purchasing and using skin care products with actives ingredients who turned very bad and, therefore, ending up damaging your skin (and your wallet). When I called and emailed winners about this, I had the same answer over and over ''we are currently looking into this'', until they just stopped replying (I did this because I had a very bad skin reaction to a product). When I called some of the skin care brand that I purchased from winners in the past to know when the products were manufactured and if it was safe to use (8 yrs old products from Elizabeth Arden and 7 years old product from Lierac) both brands told me that they were ''never selling products to winners'' and Lierac rep told me that there was a ''grey market'' happening in the beauty industry were some products were sold to winners and other ''sale-retailers'' from some third illegitimate dark parties. Were Elizabeth Arden failed to tell me that those 8 yrs old product shouldn't be used (they literally told me they had NO expiry date if not open), Lierac's rep told me that skin care product that old shouldn't be sold at all, neither use onto face, etc.  So.... I guess, what I'm saying is that we need to have better laws regarding the longevity of beauty products in order to protect consumers and Canadians citizens, and, in the meanwhile, avoid purchasing beauty products from winners. I apologized for any grammatical/ spelling mistakes. Please note that I'm french.
Isa belle (24 days ago)
To know when a specific product was being manufactured, just look at the batch code. You can contact the brand itself with the batch code or look online.
Dark Soul (24 days ago)
Never believe 3 words... sales, comparable, and instead of 😂😂
Dark Soul (24 days ago)
It's simple ... there are people who don't wear clothes because they like them, but just to show off ... so even if it's just for the outlet and the quality is bad, they don't care because they get it cheaper while still wearing the trademark others think is expensive ... I even know people who go check on prices at stores, and buy IMITATIONS, but saying proudly they purchased it from the original store at the actual original's price ... People are sick! Simple 😑
Dark Soul (24 days ago)
😂😂 crooks
Rita Gaston (26 days ago)
Bigger point is Americans in general don’t have a lot of depth. Believe that being ‘fashionable’ is the reason to be.
Eliza Grogan (28 days ago)
There are TJX stores all over the world. A complete con.
Darby Martinez (28 days ago)
So winners is owned by TJ maxx here in the U.S. I used to work at TJ Maxx. One of the things they did was block wifi and network signals (something ikea also does) so that people wouldn't check Amazon. The majority of the products are repeats and people don't notice because we had to mix them up and make them look a little messy. Sometimes a shirt that came in a couple months before would come back, as well as other items. Shoppers think they are getting something rare but most of the products are made for these low price retailers.
Louise Dolk (29 days ago)
I would rather buy knock offs or fakes than the ones on the outlet lol
Delisa Dunn (29 days ago)
If your trying to stay fashionable then who needs their clothes to last forever anyway....
Vasha Kanaga (30 days ago)
I love handbags but........!
Fareha Noor (30 days ago)
I went to thrift store and a dress price was 20 dollars because it was banana republic brand . can you believe it it was uesd many times maybe ten times.And you talking about new clothes.?????
Ana Montana (30 days ago)
I’ve learned about this few years ago and since then NEVER went to an outlet !
A Mercedes (30 days ago)
Couldn't care less about the subject matter discussed in this series. I'm here for the beauty doing most of the talking. :)
asdfrw32 (1 month ago)
@18:47 elephant cupcakes sound delicious mmmm
MartenFerret (1 month ago)
J. crew? Banana Republic? You're first mistake is looking at brands that are cheap to start with (BR is an Old Navy brand). Second, it's not a 'rip off' to get a cheaper product at a lower price. Those who feel ripped off are they who couldn't tell the difference in quality to begin with: they needed someone to tell them the difference.
nicebrugel (1 month ago)
Many times there is a weight difference because the material is thinner I notice.
Candi Soda (1 month ago)
Why not just buy both, keep the expensive one, return the cheap one to the expensive store lol
Candi Soda (1 month ago)
2:33 "Can you spot the difference" Guess not because instead of just "spotting" it she needs to "inspect" it rather lol
Katie CoolPrepster (1 month ago)
wow, what a scam, to think I actually shop at TJ Maxx, and Marshalls..sick joke, and I will not be shopping at these places ever again..
shannon h (1 month ago)
That Winners lady is so dramatic! The point is, if you think the clothes are worth the price, then pay it, if not, don't buy it. Simple, sale or not.
yuutafan (1 month ago)
I've bought things at Nordstrom Rack, and I know some of the products I bought are just old stock because I know the specific brand I was buying. I might have been able to get some of these items cheaper when they were on sale direct from the company, but at that time, I didn't know the company was going to change their sizing and I just planned to buy stuff from the newest Seasons like I use to. So the prices weren't necessarily the lowest price ever, but I wanted specifically older Season stuff with older sizing.
Tiffany Huang (1 month ago)
Oh I’ve been here before!!!
Erica Almanzar (1 month ago)
The sales associate from the j.crew outlet was sincere and honest
Kate Riggen (1 month ago)
I’ve honestly never come across anything from an outlet store that has anything wrong with it. Certainly nothing to complain about. I don’t care where you go, you’re always going to be paying much, much more than the company paid to produce the item. I always go for what I think is worth the money it’s being sold for. Forget the “brand” or the “compare at” prices.
Girl Etherial (1 month ago)
What's really ironic is that the high end knock-offs are better quality than the made-for-outlet items. Have a friend who works at authenticating items for resale and can't stop talking about that. A factory in China will make legitimate mid-end (designer) bags by day and higher-end (luxury) knockoffs by night. The quality of those are incredible.
Ben G (1 month ago)
So rather than suffering from other companies manufacturing a knockoff of their product, these companies decided to make their own knockoff and sell it at the lower price. Hmm, quiet a business decision really.
meldan526 (1 month ago)
Really? Does anyone really think they're getting the same quality at the outlets? You get what you pay for..consumers go there specifically because they just wanna pay less. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the quality is less at the outlets. It just depends how you define value for your $$$
Plot twist: They're all made in the same sweatshops in China, India, & Pakistan, because America only consumes & doesn't manufacture.
The Nordstram Rack in my area is the most ghetto store I've ever seen. Ross is classier.
chowderfaceable (1 month ago)
I'm sorry but Jennifer Johnston is a moron. Excellent example of the superficial American consumer that buys cheap and expects quality 😂
mantiscity (1 month ago)
At 9:09 you said the 3 diamonds are outlet, and then said it’s retail
Ndlanding (1 month ago)
If Hideous Hilary the "expert" were to look at herself in the mirror, I'm sure she would start buying her clothes at the army surplus store. What a horror in that skirt! I hope she's happy with her longer-lasting wallets! YUK!!! As for the rest of the Brand-seeking world, you are just lambs to the slaughter, and I feel sorry for you.
Mohammad Sheeraz (1 month ago)
CBC you opened my eyes to a whole new reality...I mean wow!! :o
TONS OF VANARCHY (1 month ago)
I see this with canadian tire flyers too. All the sale prices seem to be the same as the regular prices at walmart. Prices get hiked up every year and then brought down to normal as a sale.
iM tHrEw (1 month ago)
This is why you should shop at Goodwill
Ayesha Quddus (1 month ago)
Well I found free $6341a money making system that is really working:(just go to) greatworks.club/?nQKCw Great work...
Henrik Rode (1 month ago)
These stores are simply responding to customer demands. EVERYONE, at least in America, needs to get EVERYTHING cheaper than EVERYONE ELSE. This makes it almost impossible for retailers to sell anything without some sort of a meaningless discount. Why would anything be less expensive on Columbus Day? “Black Friday“ is it totally made up holiday to sell more stuff. .“Buy one, get one free“ does not mean you are getting one free. It means you are buying two. Manufactures do not make free stuff so that retailers can pass along this free stuff. Retailers who always sell everything at 50% off, first have to double the price. No business will spend a lot of money advertising anything that is giving away for “free“. “Outlet stores“ are not “eliminating the middleman“. These stores pay the same rent, the same taxes, hire the same employees, and need to make the same margins, as any other retail stores. At the end of the day, consumers will pay more if they’re getting a bigger discount. And the retailers cater to this attitude.
linda navidad (1 month ago)
I'm suing😒
Tris10Byul J. (1 month ago)
"This is a rip off." But it's really not. That's why you're at an OUTLET store. You're not going to the retail because you can't/don't want to spend that money on products but still want something in your budget- you get what you pay for. Not a rip off- consumer reality~
Cali Kay (1 month ago)
Outlet is a misleading term that gets people in the door looking for a bargain. Think about it, every store is an outlet.
watch2muchtv (1 month ago)
Well of course you get cheaper material when you shop at an outlet . You pay less money and you get less quality .
Jerrard Welch (1 month ago)
The Polo outlet has been good to me!
Bojan Bozinovski (1 month ago)
The same in Europe. Italian brands are the same. Armani, Zegna and even Burberry have worse quality and also outdated styles for outlets. Evenoutlet only subbrands
Bojan Bozinovski (1 month ago)
Anyone heards of "Gritti" suits?
drift ing (1 month ago)
Nike and adidas do get items from retail
CumPow 69 (1 month ago)
Like J.CREW and all retail stores/outlet stores, where getting ripped off and laughed at by the JEWCREW, wake up people
Jose Carralero (1 month ago)
I dont think this is a fair comparison, as not once did ABC buy the "SAME" product from retail as at outlets. They are similar, not the same. If a product isn't the same the price shouldnt be the same. This is perfectly just.
Harrison Harper (1 month ago)
Does it really matter tho.
Jackie McBay (1 month ago)
purpleahaze (1 month ago)
Why would people think that a fashion label would provide the same quality for a substantial lesser price at an outlet? If that was the case wouldn't people just ditch the retail? I though people knew that they are getting lesser quality for lesser price, no rip-offs.
Shahzeboy 1 (1 month ago)
14:34 I love how she asks them if their up for the challenge as if they will ever say no
Shahzeboy 1 (1 month ago)
whats the reporters name?
Bruge Bel (1 month ago)
Let me tell you this! As a Banana Republic/Gap Buyer and Merchandiser all the leftovers from the retails stores are usually pass on the Outlets store! Usually the old season that was not sold at the Retails usually transferred to the outlets. These are called over produced stuff, meaning we have met our sale expectations for the particular products for the season and it’s time to cut the prices and transfer to the outlets store.
Kitty Rose (1 month ago)
Some also sell factory rejects
Ant Tv (1 month ago)
Leftovers go to the outlets. Defective products are sold in outlets.
Jack Zhang (1 month ago)
The reporter looks like the lawyer associate in social network.
WeallySis (1 month ago)
Lol Ma bro works at banana republic
Sheraz Khattak (1 month ago)
i might be wrong bur aren't the price tags still on while the experts were checking the products?? 4:47
Thelma Peckerwood (1 month ago)
I make all my clothes and hand bags - I don't wear shoes
Michelle W (1 month ago)
Both sellers and buyers are working with one emotion that isn't mentioned, GREED.
Lauren Christie (1 month ago)
4:29 hmm did he have to cross his arms with that facial expression
Lauren Christie (1 month ago)
Oh god 14:22
tristan (1 month ago)
As someone who mostly shops at barneys, Saks, Neiman Marcus, etc. I always say it’s better to buy some quality things rather than lots and lots of cheap brands
JellyCakes (1 month ago)
I think they should have done more than 1 item per store
Frost Factor (1 month ago)
Still bugs me they didn't put prices

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