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I Recently copped a bunch of new Hoodies & Crew Neck Sweatshirts from CHAMPION! So here's a clothing haul featuring all my pickups. These are the best Affordable Stylish Hoodies for the Fall & Winter Seasons. Links to everything below. HIT THAT THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE BRUH! If you missed my Fall Fashion Lookbook check it out here! Outfits featuring The Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost by Kanye West - Air Jordan Retros - Vans Checkerboard - Bape X Puma - John Elliott Co. & More! - https://youtu.be/LYuV3RvVwHE Follow me on IG For Fashion & On Feet Sneaker posts - https://www.instagram.com/eddiewinkicks Follow me on Twitter for Sneaker release info / Clothing deals ! - http://www.twitter.com/eddiewinkicks Snapchat (kicks, fashion tips, DIY stuff & Vlogging) - Eddiewinkicks Grab a pair of Air Jordan Retro Sneakers 3's, 9's, 1's, 5's, 7's 12's and more here! - http://bit.ly/2g96URz Best selection of the newest Champion Reverse weave pullover Hoodies here - http://bit.ly/2gTQ6Av Champion Script logo sweat pants - http://bit.ly/2gn1PUJ Black Big Script Logo crew neck sweatshirt for a good price! - http://bit.ly/2gmVh8z Big C pullover hooded sweatshirt in black - http://bit.ly/2gTO3wv Awesome selection of champion crew necks and hoody's here - http://bit.ly/2gmVPv9 Cop the Tan Reverse Weave Champion Hooded Sweatshirt here -http://bit.ly/2fZlI4m Champion Crew Neck Script logo sweat shirt in charcoal grey -http://bit.ly/2gGKryJ Urban outfitters exclusive maroon script logo crewneck sweatshirt is available here - http://bit.ly/2fZiUEB PACSUN Exclusive Small Script logo Hoody in dark Red -http://bit.ly/2fZqWNK Tan Pacsun Exclusive Big C and Script sleeve sweatshirt - http://bit.ly/2fZr5kg Yellow long sleeve tee in sold out, but cop in white here -http://bit.ly/2gGOICh Long sleeve tee royal blue big champion lifestyle -http://bit.ly/2fZnOBh Small Script logo t - shirt - http://bit.ly/2gGSuvB Any sizing questions feel free to ask down in the comments and let me know what you think about 90's styles being back and trendy right now. Hope you guys enjoyed the haul vid, keep an eye out for that Win Collection! Appreciate the support as always! - Eddie Win
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IV6IX (5 days ago)
Anywhere you can get that Red Pacsun hoodie? I love when the champion is spelt out and I can't find any that look like that.
Nashville Boss (7 days ago)
Wait didn't this shit used to be at Wal-Mart for cheap???🤔
STARJALSHA (8 days ago)
STARJALSHA (8 days ago)
PAPA for you!!!!! Available for the next 7 days httpsteespring.compapa-collection#pid=2&cid=577&sid=front
Andrew Fajardó (9 days ago)
Where do u buy your champion clothes?
Shaun McGraw (9 days ago)
Love these reverse weave hoodies omg. Already have 2! The construction, fit is perfect for NY weather
Been wearing champion since 2009
carlos gwapo (17 days ago)
Bro I'm 5'7'' inches Tall my height,What size of Champion T-shirt that fits me?Is it the Medium Size T-shirt?
Ashey OFFICIAL (18 days ago)
Is there any for kids?
Max Aujero (28 days ago)
you're drawn to it because every other sheep wears it, dummy
ukam iglues (30 days ago)
What is zise
ericskoglie (1 month ago)
hey all the links are sold out.. any place to get them now?
Louxgarou 35 (1 month ago)
2:07 long sleeve t shirt😂😂😂 what
emma payapag (1 month ago)
Viking Skateboarding (2 months ago)
Hey! Im kind of new to designer clothes, so if you guys have any brands that you think i like please write them. I'll write a list of what i like and dont like. Like:Levi's, Champion, Jack & Jones, Defend Paris, Superdry, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Nike, Lacoste, Balenciaga Don't like:Supreme, Gucci, Off white and basically any like full hypebeast Thanks brother!
Jack Foes (2 months ago)
Champion is the best fit
Jamie Marquez (2 months ago)
Personally I like the fit of the powerblend better
Sir. B3N613 (2 months ago)
Still trending for fall & winter this year?
CiotMyster (2 months ago)
Does anyone know where I can find that long-sleeve yellow shirt? Looks dope and I wanna buy it but can't find
Youssef Nejjari (2 months ago)
Funny All Animals Deserve A Chance To Live 2018 sweatshirt https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GQ327MW
Abstract Android (3 months ago)
I remember when you got made fun of wearing champion and fila back in middle school
Anthony Pio (3 months ago)
Are champion hoodies supposed to be a lil loose?
K-POP Edit (1 month ago)
Bj 2wavy (3 months ago)
I had the Champion Michael Jordan Jersey when I was little.
ChangeMyLife (3 months ago)
Check out @championcloset on Instagram. All pieces under 20$
FIRESTARFPS (3 months ago)
I don't care about clout I just loved that 12.50 per shirt at Macy's
Paula D Bash (4 months ago)
I am sharing online https://teeshirtsmade.com
Adam H (4 months ago)
Champion fits small for me
Lital Kadosh (4 months ago)
You Can Buy This Awesome Product Here ---> https://bit.ly/2ttTJlB
Bleach Tea (4 months ago)
What does reverse weave mean
Rabithgold 48 (5 months ago)
Are champion hoodies support to be baggy???
Island Backpackers (5 months ago)
I like the last one dude.I was PERFECT!!
IV6IX (6 months ago)
Where can I buy that PacSun exclusive one? Is it available anywhere?
Roman Lopez (1 month ago)
IV6IX dumbass
joshman yay (6 months ago)
Champion has my favorite logo
Patrik Szuromi (7 months ago)
And what if the hoodie or so doesn't got that C on the arm is it fake? Or what
Official_Clan_ Verfied (21 days ago)
It's fake if it does not have it
Fried Ryce (7 months ago)
I'm 5'2 what size would I fit in men's I'm getting a hoodie Edit: and I weight 107 skinny don't know if you guys needed that
Legal Cake (7 months ago)
Bruh champion killin they clothes dope
DJFear Ross (7 months ago)
Is this the hoodie that you're wearing? https://usabrands.co.uk/index.php?id_product=1560&controller=product#/2-size-m/1010-colour-vegas_gold
Seth Badal (8 months ago)
Champion is a brand that will never go outta style. I'm 37 and been rocking it since 93. One reason QUALITY! Even there $30 hoodies are warm and comfy. Polo and Champion are 2 of my favorite brands ever
Kenji Nakabayashi (8 months ago)
You used to be able to get champion at Walmart
Pepto Bismol (8 months ago)
I got a guy navy champion sweatshirt for 20.00 at Kohls
josue avellaneda (9 months ago)
I go for the vintage champion
Poke (10 months ago)
I really want a white champion long sleeve oof
Amira minz (10 months ago)
I Love 90ies Vintage Hoddies
Tenisha Scott (10 months ago)
I love Champion 😍👌
BlackScarlettLDN (10 months ago)
Good video bro! Checkout my Champion fashion lookbook on my channel :) Subscribed.
Nkechi01 (10 months ago)
I use to be made fun of for wearing champion. And I swear if kswisses become a trend I'm losing it cause i use to be made fun for wearing those too. But I doubt they will, kswiss has always been relatively small brand. I still rock it because i like their shoes for some reason tho.
Ryan Germano (10 months ago)
Where could I get crewnecks, expamle the one behind him. I live in Canada.
TmouniTidio (11 months ago)
@Eddie Win dude what color is "suppose" to be ur hoodie that you wear?I search on champion official i cant find it! can you help me somehow!? thanks man!
Philip Petersen (11 months ago)
what size was the Champion Crew Neck Script logo sweat shirt in charcoal grey
Baptistte Arnd (11 months ago)
Hit it was a very good video and i love the sweatshirt that you wear and i would like buy it but what is the name of the color ? It is taupe?
GRIM666 (11 months ago)
funny how you use to get roasted for wearing champion back in early 2000's and it lost notice after the 90's.......all of a sudden you get kanye west and supreme to collab with champion and like magic people are drooling all over it .........sigh.......fucking hypbeast
Ashutosh Joshi (11 months ago)
What size are u wearing
GucciDadIsaias (11 months ago)
Wait, how did champion get expensive? They were selling for like 20$ lol
noah osa (1 year ago)
Can't believe this nigga said "long sleeved T-SHIRT
ThatsAHeavyStatement (1 year ago)
I got it from ebay for $20 dollars plus $5 dollars shipping. Im 5’2 105 pounds and i can fit an xs and a small
Michael Bologna (1 year ago)
Keep rocking that 1990's steeze. Tall hoodies to the knees. My tall hoodie buddies recommended this video to me!!! Big baggy sleeves. Get some subs in da truck and thug hard.
I got the juice (1 year ago)
Nigga in 2012 u would of got fried for wearing champion,reebok,and Fila
I got the juice (10 months ago)
h i hell no what
h i (10 months ago)
I got the juice hell no
7 fame (1 year ago)
The clothes are sick and just dope but the shoes suck
Maximum Ting (1 year ago)
I love champion their just so unique I fucking love it
Zar ens (1 year ago)
this is what rich chigga wear?
Dhiya Urrahman (1 year ago)
yes dude
Alex Quandt (1 year ago)
It's probably been catching your eye because you see everyone wearing it and you're a follower hype beast
Michael Bologna (1 year ago)
Get that in 6XL next time homie. Down to those knees.
Jeffrey Cayanan (1 year ago)
Tyler Kim (1 year ago)
By Eddie. I’m 5’10 and I want an oversized look. What size should I get?
Misways (1 year ago)
Tyler Kim Large
Brian Lee (1 year ago)
important question how do u legit ceck champiion
Goldenguy42 (1 year ago)
If I'm chubby Should I get Xl or L ?
Shaina Sanon (1 year ago)
Champion got expensive. I don't want to pay $60-70 for one hoodie.
Massif of Ideas (18 days ago)
+victor alcantara fake hoodies
Madsitv (1 month ago)
In my country it would be 120 euro for 2 and i go in too a outlet in USA and i find 2 for 30 euro
Liam Ivarsson (2 months ago)
Shaina Sanon Costs 600kr over here in Sweden.
Madi Sparkes (2 months ago)
honestly, it is that cheap and they’re real! They do loads of brands, I assume it’s end of line stock that they need to get rid of and that’s why it’s so cheap
hair hair (2 months ago)
+Madi Sparkes u got scammed prob
andersen liu (1 year ago)
Do they shrink in the wash and also I'm 175cm what do you recommend
Rickyeditz (1 year ago)
Hey also how does it fit I wear a 2x usually in everything will it fit the same or smaller ? Than usual I'm 6ft tall about 250
Julian Rodriguez (1 year ago)
I bought one in Walmart for 3 bucks, black.
Marios Demetriou (1 year ago)
560 sl my nigga spitta andretti jet life 4 ever
GEORGE CARTER (1 year ago)
That cream colored hoodie would look even better with a denim jacket
Lourielle Dolera (1 year ago)
Eddie, how tall are you and what size did you get? I've been thinking to order one but I just don't what size to get.
Eth Keef (1 year ago)
I'd like to see a champion look book from you.
Gee Dizzle (1 year ago)
Personally, I love that Big C logo....
Chase Whorton (1 year ago)
Can anybody find the yellow long sleeve shirt because the link doesn't work
Nathaniel Smith (1 year ago)
I hate how in elementary school you get beat up for wearing champion. Now it's the supreme of 2017. hate it
EXTRA T H I C C 4:39
fiqhi triyandra (1 year ago)
hi man, how they fits? are they fit different with s700?
Jay C (1 year ago)
Hey Eddie, is the S101 Champion Adult Reverse Weave Hoodie on amazon the same quality to the one you're wearing in the video? the difference I see is that it only has the c logo on the wrist and not the chest one.
Austin Liang (1 year ago)
Hey Eddie is the Silver reverse weave hoodie still available?
Daniel Hernandez (1 year ago)
So if I want a slimmer more true to size fit I should go a size down?
Eddie Win (1 year ago)
Yup that should work for ya
Elon Musk (1 year ago)
Remember at school when the kids who wore champion got made fun of? Who's laughing now bitch.
Brandon Simpson (1 year ago)
what size is the champion hoodie your wearing in video
Brandon Simpson (1 year ago)
Eddie Win..... how tall are u reference??
Eddie Win (1 year ago)
XL, I linked it in the description
Ms Suber (1 year ago)
How tall are you? looking for clothes to fit my 6'5 bf in lol its not easy
Tom Noake (1 year ago)
Can you get these in the uk
Alan Raju (1 year ago)
Hi Eddie, what size is the Reverse Weave hoodie that you're wearing? Thanks :)
Eddie Win (1 year ago)
Alan Raju XL, I linked it in the description if you're looking
Anthonyz (1 year ago)
I remember when you'd get bullied for wearing champion now everyone wanna wear it smh 😂
Iyana Rodriquez (1 month ago)
Right I was just wondering when did champion become the it thing lol it was like sketchers(however you spell it) back in the days
Liam Ivarsson (1 month ago)
Anthony Why the fuck would you get bullied for wearing a brand? There’s literally nothing wrong with the logo or their collections.
Poke (10 months ago)
Anthony damn
its Tora fam (1 year ago)
i was sleeping on champion there clothes are dope tbh🤘🏾👌🏾
dejulien _ (1 year ago)
Just be honest. You saw pictures of Kylie Jenner wearing it.
Filtroox (1 year ago)
Anyone knows good websites to buy Champion?
Filtroox (1 year ago)
Eddie Win First of all thanks that for the reply..second of all those link besides the one you wearing say sold out or unavailable. And if you know some european ones i would appreciate. ty
Eddie Win (1 year ago)
Filtroox check the links in the description, it's the best selection
omar chublaq (1 year ago)
that yellow shirt is so appealing to me for some reason
mar (1 year ago)
Deez Nuts (1 year ago)
How does Eddie not have more subs, he knows more about fashion then a lot of other youtubers.
Clorox Bleach (1 year ago)
What's next? Sketchers getting popular because some popular person wore them?
Jianing Lin (1 month ago)
Clorox Bleach if Skechers gets popular, I’m out. IM ACTUALLY OUT 😂😂
Squckson (1 year ago)
how tall are you bruh nice vid btw
Olayemi Ibrahim (1 year ago)
How tall are you??
luis vega (1 year ago)
So I'm a size medium in hoodies do I need a small for the champion hoodie?
2-d (10 months ago)
luis vega yes the hoodies for champion are hella big lol
Roman Kozak (1 year ago)
I'm so sad because champion isn't restocking mediums and larges in most colours of their hoodies on their site. Im pretty sure even some colours are being discontinued too. :(
Graeme C (1 year ago)
Hey Eddie, I'm 5'11 160lbs and don't know whether to get the medium or large tan one?
Lil Dutch (1 year ago)
I'm 5'9 same weight, an I wear large.

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