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The MOST FAMILY FRIENDLY Place in the World?? Traveling with Kids in Portugal /// WEEK 88 : Portugal

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We hope you will LIKE our video and COMMENT below. We always love to hear from YOU!! Hello from Portugal! We really enjoyed our time in Portugal! The people, the food, the beach, the architecture, the history.. were all just incredible. We worked with Martinhal and experienced two of the most impressive family resorts ever! We stayed a few nights in Lisbon enjoying the city. Martinhal provides incredible child care so Garrett and I were able to go out on a date night through Black Tomato. Black Tomato helped us arrange a bucket list evening out exploring the city on motorcycle sidecars and then finished the evening at a Michelin star restaurant, Alma. We took the train down to the southwest coast of Portugal to Sagres. We enjoyed the warmer weather and many of the activities that Martinhal offers. Also, earlier this week we announced that we are gifting 3 different families trips for Christmas. We will be flying all over the United States to surprise them and gifting them Southwest flights, Marriott Rewards, GoPros, adventure bands, new luggage, and more! You can nominate your own family or another family here : www.thebucketlistfamily.com/tblf-is-coming-to-town. Thank you Portugal for the very warm welcome and THANK YOU Martinhal for an incredible family adventure! Happy Travels, The Bucket List Family /// LINKS Martinhal Lisbon Chiado Family Suites : https://www.martinhal.com/chiado Martinhal Sagres Beach Family Resort Hotel : https://www.martinhal.com/sagres Black Tomato : https://www.blacktomato.com Surprising 3 families with vacations for Christmas : http://www.thebucketlistfamily.com/tblf-is-coming-to-town ///
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Text Comments (361)
Louise Tickner (2 days ago)
Isn't Ronaldos celebration funny
Luisa Mccune (1 month ago)
That’s so awesome that you guys spend some time in my beloved native home. Great food, pastries, sea food, beaches, castles etc. Thats great that you guys can experience as a family traveling , meeting new people and learn about other countries and cultures! Love from Utah!
Libby Natasha (1 month ago)
these kids are gonna be so good at geography bro
adriene02 (1 month ago)
I just ADORE you all! Such great parenting role models. Your children are fearless, thoughtful, kind, loving, engaged little human beings! As are you both. If you were to write a book on parenting, I'd buy it. ::And I'm not a parent 🤫::
Denise Van Leeuwen (2 months ago)
Carolina Marques (3 months ago)
H (3 months ago)
The bay area is called a bico
Amy Louise (3 months ago)
Jessica....Garrett.... you both are absolutely amazing people and gives hope that the human race isn't all.... horrible. Please Jessica, share with us single ladies where to find a man even half as amazing as Garrett! @thebucketlistfamily
DIY You (4 months ago)
You have awesome videos
Luísa Fernandes (4 months ago)
Yessss Portugal!!! Loved this video I’m a proud portuguese, wish I could have met you!
Matheus DIY (5 months ago)
Molly Trainner (5 months ago)
ANDREW COTTON! That’s the guy in the surfing video! He actually broke his back on that wave and couldn’t surf for about a year!
Andrew Martin (5 months ago)
This father is not very masculine kkkk
Craft with me (3 months ago)
He was a division I athlete. Of he's not masculine, he's certainly athletic
Inês Correia (5 months ago)
OMG, You are so AMAZING, i love you so much and you are my inspiration. I hope one day i can travel like you gays. One day hopes to meet you and be able to talk to you. Love you best wishes and a lot of kisses and obrigada(thanks) from Portugal(We love you). I HOPE YOU READ THIS COMMENT PLS.
sophiebertram (5 months ago)
Dorothy’s face at 3:02 hahahha so funny!!
Ana Sofia Rodrigues (5 months ago)
I leave in Portugal!!
Emma Janusky (5 months ago)
what's the song you used for the part where you were throwing and catching the kids on the beach at sunset? it's beautiful
Luna Da Cat (6 months ago)
Fun fact:The series, Harry Potter by JK Rowling was written after she took inspiration for the theme when she visited Porto in Portugal
Luna Da Cat (6 months ago)
I love traveling to Portugal I go every over summer🇵🇹
Le Petit prince (6 months ago)
Pipa Rocha (6 months ago)
i never knew you guys were here, i must have missed it!! opsies... hope you come back soon, xx
Jonnie cool girl (6 months ago)
oMG I love your vids soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much I wish I could go around the world to but there is one chance for everything I RELY WANT TO MEET YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Miyah Muzo (6 months ago)
Go to Curacao
migmirkid (6 months ago)
Just found you guys on You Tube and the 4th video that I'M watching is in my own country Portugal !!! Great Video, Glad you had fun, too bad Nazare was flat that day. Hope you enjoyed the Pasteis de Nata at the end (try with cinamon next time). Beautiful family. Muito Amor
Joana Ribeiro (6 months ago)
Awesome! Come back, this time come visit Porto and the nature of the north :D
Leonor Costa (7 months ago)
Omg u guys were in my country!!!!!!!
Chad Hammer (7 months ago)
You guys are awesome!
Emma Querol Balcells (7 months ago)
Can you come to Spain please? I recomend you to go to Barcelona, is the most beautiful city in Spain
Lulu May (7 months ago)
Do you speak another language? Do Manilla and Dorothy ever fight?
Joana Fernandes (7 months ago)
You need to come more times in Portugal.✈ Love you ❤
Maria Gomes (7 months ago)
Best country !
cunha gamer32 (7 months ago)
O live in Portugal i am glad you came
Samantha Kabakibi (8 months ago)
You guys should travel to Colombia!! ITS BEAUTIFUL
Ana Nobre (8 months ago)
OMG, I'm Portuguese and I love you guys! ❤
Allison Sauceda (8 months ago)
I know back in your week 20's you went to Chang Mai Thailand! My husband and I and our 2 year old are wanting to move there for a few months as my husband just finished school and we want to experience a different part of the world! We are going to Chang Mai because it is reasonably cheap to live. Do you guys recommend Chang Mai or do you recommend another place?
Catarina Afonso (8 months ago)
Portugal é fantástico! Ainda bem que gostaram, fico muito feliz! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS GUYS, you are such a cute family! :D
Jameslopas (8 months ago)
please tell me if you have ever been to the sunshine coast australia
Arabela Alk (8 months ago)
Hello from Malaysia ❤️
Gloria Cook (8 months ago)
Garrett thanks for the laugh I needed it the toe grab know how you felt happens to the best of us .
I love how they're really close to each other, they relationship as a family is #Goals. I'm legit addicted to all their vids, I'm even binge watching' em right now, now I'm on last years bucketlist videos💕💕💕 Lovelove
Estela Sanchez (8 months ago)
Omg Manilla and Dorthy are so cute! (Please tell them i said that)
Shishter Snatched (8 months ago)
You guys need to go to Morocco
El in (8 months ago)
Am I the only one who saw Dorthy hiding behind the camera. You could see her in the window reflection. Does this sound creepy. I saw like a little eye which was kinda scary at the beginning, but then I figuerd out what it was. hahahah (6:15)
Teresa Ribeiro (9 months ago)
I am from Portugal and I am now just seeing this!! You should come back and go to Madeira Island!! Love youuu ❤❤🇵🇹🇵🇹
Hana (9 months ago)
Portugal is my country ! Can’t believed you came !! Perfect editing with portuguese music and all. I love my country and I love you guys 💕
Inês Carrola (9 months ago)
Oh it made me CRY when you guys rooted for us with scarfs and the music... I HAVE CHILLS. You guys are awesomeeee!
Tiffani P (9 months ago)
All of your videos are so cute :,( makes me want a family and travel everywhere ❤️ safe travels !
Evy Delort (9 months ago)
You guys are amazing ! I love watching your videos ! I recommend you travel to the « bassin d’Arcachon » in France ! I grew up there and had the most amazing childhood there between the Atlantic Ocean side, the « bassin » side in which there are no waves where you can do lots of water sports. There is also the biggest sand dune in Europe called « la dune du pilat » and the bird island with the famous « cabanes tchanquée » 🤗 You can paraglide over the sand dune or sled down the dune with the kids like if you were in a ski resort (I used to do this as a kid!) There are so many more things to do in this area but I don’t want to write a novel :) if you have any questions feel free to ask ! Can’t wait for your next video !
Matilde Vital Ferreira (9 months ago)
OMG!!! I am from Portugal and I just know you since two months ago and now I found out that you have been here? Its crazy!!! Love ur family u are so cute
Sara Miranda (10 months ago)
I'm from Portugal!!! It is so nice to see that you really liked it 😍 loving your videos!!!
olivia conte (10 months ago)
can you please do a playlist with links because your music is so perfect?!
Daphani Blair Griffiths (10 months ago)
Me and my class loves you're Chanel
Kelleyn Rothaermel (1 year ago)
I love when the pool had a window that you can swim from inside to outside. Don't know why, but I just adore this feature!
Maria Gomes (1 year ago)
You guys are such an amazing family! Adored the Portuguese musics you added, and the football comments ! Hilarious. Super happy you loved our country !
The flat earthers believe the ice is around the edge so there's no way you could fall off on a flat topped dome as they believed forever until just 500yrs ago.
Anjana Ghaley (1 year ago)
I just loveeeee how Manilla calls Dorothy “DD” , it actually means older sister in Nepali. ❤️
Krista Horton (1 year ago)
Nilla's little baby voice in the beginning 💓💛
Hail TayLord (1 year ago)
Quebec is beautiful in the winter
Hail TayLord (1 year ago)
Come to Canada!
Hail TayLord (1 year ago)
Can you guys make a bucket list family playlist on Spotify please 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Delly Tan (1 year ago)
Lol i thought it was jellyfish ñillaaaa.
Lauriane Deguire (1 year ago)
Come to montreal😍
Grace Kirk (1 year ago)
I love when you video the kids swimming. They are like little fish, so comfortable in the water. I am not a swimmer but I still love the ocean & beach. You brought back memories for me of being a part of my friend’s family who are Portuguese. They were so inviting and caring. I loved their food. They were always feeding me b/c I enjoyed their cuisine so much. We lived in Toronto. They lived in the Portuguese community. I learned about their culture. I participated in their festivals & their customs. Great times!!
Evita Belle (1 year ago)
I kind get over how beautiful and kind you guys are. I am a bit behind on the videos but it’s okay I get to binge them now! 😊✨
Teixeira (1 year ago)
the most cute video ever 😍
lauraloo29 (1 year ago)
Country 50 could be Canada........ Just sayin`
Gus Schultz (1 year ago)
Great Vid, hope you guys do end up choosing Orange County. Much love from Westwood. Cheers!
Shannel Merkley (1 year ago)
How do you teach your kids to be so comfortable in the water?
Kilean Wiles (1 year ago)
i find it so crazy that i have only watched a few of your guys' videos and i already have so much love for your family! you are aell such kind and sweet people and i just can't get enough!
Georgie Price (1 year ago)
I love when they did the flash back with the spinning door and both flashbacks she fell over
Where the Jones (1 year ago)
New sub here. Already a big fan. Giving me lots of great ideas for our travels.
Pam C (1 year ago)
I want a kiss from Manilla! He is soooo cute!
Jasmine ryle (1 year ago)
So cute
CIara A (1 year ago)
How do you apply for visas en such short time
Hi Bucket list family. love your energy and your passion for travel and adventure and the fact you include the kids in all this. I do have a question...how do you recommend doing this with a family of 6 and with limited budget. I understand you sold your business before you went travelling and this has funded your travels so you started with quite a lot of financial support and security. Do you think you could have achieved this without having lots of money to start with? It would be great to hear your comments on this for all those families out there who are wanting to do this but have small budgets to start with. :-)
Kisah Bella (1 year ago)
i love Traveling too
Rose Perrone (1 year ago)
lolol that Thailand story!
Monalisa Rasat (1 year ago)
Manilla is the cutest story teller i've ever seen! 😍😍😍
Christine Ochitwa (1 year ago)
COME TO CANADA FOR COUNTRY #50!! Such an easy trip from Utah, has the Rocky Mountains for ski season, (maybe) will top your most friendly countries list... 🍁 🍁🍁
Deborah Tan (1 year ago)
Come to Malaysia!Love your family!!
Naomi Bunn (1 year ago)
Why does Jess never look at the camera when talking
Naomi Bunn (1 year ago)
yall are awesome ;)
H FS (1 year ago)
Naomi Bunn Just the way she does things
Naomi Bunn (1 year ago)
Dorothy’s yawn arm move in the beginning 😂✌🏼
Andréanne Simard (1 year ago)
Guys it's easy: come to Canada!!! We would be honoured to be your 50th!!!
sadz Bee (1 year ago)
You guys really brighten up my day sending you guys so much love and blessings
VaiGo (1 year ago)
Come to Wales . All the best guys
Stephanie Jashinsky (1 year ago)
Rosa Van Bommel (1 year ago)
I think it’s amazing that you travel with your kids that much! I mean Why not? It’s so much fun!
Kendra Lynne (1 year ago)
I laughed so hard at the underwater foot story!! Hahaha!
lianne (1 year ago)
9:50 i love that song so much, i just can't get enough of it it's such an amazing song. When I heard it first I completely fell in love with it
Jordan Barlow (1 year ago)
Love you guys!❤️✌🏼
Dutch Nomad Couple (1 year ago)
Portugal, what a beautiful place to visit.
Sara Wood (1 year ago)
How did Manilla know to hold his breath in Thailand in 2015 when he was like one 😮
Lisa C (1 year ago)
Please come to Brisbane/ Gold Coast Australia!!! 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
Maria Manias (1 year ago)
Go to Azores island (Portugal) before you leave!
StudioBAS (1 year ago)
Died from cuteness when Manilla was narrating the "house" tour! He's growing up!
Ligia Galan (1 year ago)
BLF please come to EL SALVADOR and make it your country #50!
Without Vlogs (1 year ago)
I made a roadtrip through portugal 2 summers ago with my boyfriend. We saw the gorgeous south coast, flamingos and magical sintra. One of the best trips ever. So great to see it all again in this video.
Aaron Gilchrist (1 year ago)
Why doesn't the family buy a house with all the youtube money?
Aaron Gilchrist (1 year ago)
Adriana Olivia yeah, that makes sense!😂
Ally Rose (1 year ago)
Aaron Gilchrist cus they sold their house to be travel journalists they are most definitely not in it for the money
Rachel Webb (1 year ago)
Hello from Southern California! Sounds like I need to visit Portugal hehe
Emma Hutchison (1 year ago)
I think that this is the cutest video yet

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