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We Took Alpha Industries Across America to Find Rare Surplus Gear

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We sent our resident thrifting expert to explore some of the best military surplus shops in America. More info: http://hsnob.co/52qcd FOLLOW US Facebook: https://facebook.com/highsnobiety Twitter: https://twitter.com/highsnobiety Instagram: https://instagram.com/highsnobiety/ View more Highsnobiety videos here: http://hsnob.co/qh67
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Text Comments (105)
shivankar rana (4 months ago)
Do you guys Cargo ??
Capronice (4 months ago)
You can find some great stuff in this store. If you live in Massachusetts. I recommend the Stoughton mass Army Navy store. The pricing is great. They will have about 10 MA1 jackets on the rack. The t shirts are a great price as is most of their products. I have had my m 65 jacket since college. 1987. That is one well made jacket for sure. If anyone knows where I can get authentic army/nylon sleeping bag please let me know. Army Navy said they can not sell them anymore due to some political reason.
Scott Shin (4 months ago)
Shout out to guy dropping a thing at 0:21
Hunter Santana (1 month ago)
Bloop AGUSTUS (5 months ago)
Not a bomber type of guy have to say
Malik Ayaz (5 months ago)
30 Years Work Me ""Hard Iteam
Malik Ayaz (5 months ago)
I Jackat "Garments ""Stiching Men "Sialkot Pakistan ""Contect n umber 03008613424 Ayaz Awan ""
Survivor Squirt (6 months ago)
Do support to und die Good!
EngineeredMechanized (6 months ago)
Are these jackets, specifically the M-65 priced cheap at these surplus stores?
Ivan Mok (6 months ago)
Big ups to the host. Well presented, composed and informative.
5hinee promoter (7 months ago)
i need them mfkn overalls
lxrd knxws * (7 months ago)
3:19 his nips hard af
Kyle Laughinghouse (7 months ago)
Get a rothco catalog
Rioeio Kha (7 months ago)
Complex don't know anything
Naddy Show (7 months ago)
Andrew Haley (7 months ago)
I love surplus from any country!
Con (7 months ago)
the guy is like "i dont give a shit I make money not spend it"
Caco 2020 (7 months ago)
please stop hypebeasts
Søren Kaas (7 months ago)
Exactly what I'm thinking but in this case it's pretty laughable because it's SOOO overpriced
Elonna 🐝 (8 months ago)
you guys should really consider doing a feature on bobby from boston - his store and warehouse are iconic parts of boston fashion history and were always a go-to when i was in college for sourcing amazing pieces for not just my personal collection but for shows/shoots
Smak (8 months ago)
Whats that jacket youre wearing?!
Brennan Angelone (10 months ago)
Home town, let’s go!! WOO
Joey Kennard (10 months ago)
isn't this the guy in phantogram??
Ronald Mercer (11 months ago)
13 years active duty army most issue clothing was junk even the fabulous gortex we got leaked after a few deployments only quality items were the original jungle boots in green wire like iron and were 21bucks at clothing sales
WhoStoleMahTruck (11 months ago)
4:12 Looks like Big Shaq took off his jacket
Hingle McCringleberry (11 months ago)
There are a few of these stores near Camp Pendleton that have a lot of cool stuff
Master Chief 00117 (11 months ago)
Finding original Slant Pocket OD Green \ERDL RIP stop. Is like pulling hens teeth. As they cost up to $150.00 if you see them..
Bob Barnes (7 months ago)
lol not really in Asia you can get em cheap since the US Military left a lot of them behind after the war, i recently got two the other day on ebay together for $55!
Mef262728 (8 months ago)
Usually the ERDl jungle fatigues are the ones pulling those prices.The OD ones are cheaper depending on the condition and the seller.I bought an OD slant pocket rip stop jacket for 35 bucks.
Matt M (1 year ago)
I fucking hate this store the ppl who work here are assholes
Douglas Burch (1 year ago)
Prices for Alpha garments are outrageous. An M65 jacket upwards of $150!! First one I got in '74 was $15, bought some on base at clothing sales for $25 in 1990s. Maybe because true Alpha stuff made in US, not China.
Hunter Santana (1 month ago)
I found a M-51 for $30 in a Ventura Thrift shop.
Mef262728 (8 months ago)
You can still find them at those prices it just the crazys asking for over 100 bucks for them.Maybe they're taking advatage of the trends and hoping some hipster will buy it at those prices which does happen.
Jacob Devlin (9 months ago)
I found an m65 for 37 dollars at a store down the road from me..
unsub (1 year ago)
Rare surplus? By definition if its surplus theres too much of it. Silly hipsters...
Michael Nonya (11 months ago)
unsub surplus meaning the military ordered more than they used and sold the left overs . not surplus in the civilian market . when stupid people pretend to be smart , they prove theyre stupid , even to the people who wouldn't have otherwise known . you could have kept your mouth shut and at least not look stupid .
Daniel1999 (1 year ago)
4:02 so cringey
agp rules (1 year ago)
Why does he always pick out the most boring shit ever jeez
Janine Ewing (1 year ago)
does this store have an online website!
Chicago Papi (1 year ago)
How could show the M65 trouser liners and jacket liners but not discuss them? Oh come on now, they are both well worth mentioning and seriouly worth buying TBH, most especially for people who live in very cold weather states/cities/towns.
Balter (1 year ago)
1:03 ok WHAT IS THAT PURPLE CAMO PATTERN? I need that shit yesterday.
E E (1 year ago)
I love army surplus items
Qure'use (1 year ago)
"You're doing a great thin...." "Yes I am!"
Wolf Smith (1 year ago)
I grew up in the 70s and 80s, in L.A. there was no shortage of surplus shops there at that time. Most of them died off or became outdoor gear shops with a few bits of surplus in the back. I miss crawling the dusty shelves with that unique preserved canvas musk, digging through boxes of gear from previous decades. I often lament the passing of true surplus shops. New stores are packed with Chinese made nylon pouches and bags. I still search for the old school shops when I visit a new city, hoping to find the real deal. I just got back from Texas and was able to stop at a personal favorite in Fort Worth, Omaha's Surplus. That place will take you back, my friend!
cicadakidd (3 months ago)
If you ever head up to Pennsylvania, be sure to stop at Palmyra. There’s a surplus store there called “TOP GUN ARMY NAVY SURPLUS” that has a lot of old, real deal stuff, and some new stuff as well.
Master Chief 00117 (11 months ago)
Omahas has been around for 70 years. You just have to pay attention to DSA\DLA numbers. As he carries some fake stuff. So know what it is you're buying and how to spot fakes.
AOL warez (1 year ago)
geoffnepo (1 year ago)
Jonathan dalton (1 year ago)
"explore some of the best mil surp in america" buuuuut its a 5min video . these videos keep getting worse and worse. if you only putting up a 5min video , why bother? any good surplus store has at least 10 minutes of browsing and they supposedly go to "the best" and cn only manage 5min of footage? either those are shitty stores or this channel has shitty producers.
HS (1 year ago)
oh god another hipster douche...
Panthers1521 (1 year ago)
So the owner does not pay attention to fashion.
etamlous (1 year ago)
I own 3 Alpha bombers and a parka. They look dope but the insulation material is just not to par. for North East winters. Alpha needs to adopt modern insulating fabrics into their winter gear.
Michael Nonya (11 months ago)
etamlous You're buying the Chinese knockoff line , yes still alpha industries , but made in china. You have to either pay the full price for the american made line , or buy military surplus new or used , also american made . also are you wearing your parka with the liner??? Do you wear a layer underneath , other than a t shirt . all of this matters . remember , the whole point of buying these is to stay warm without shelling out half a grand or more for a canada goose etc. I guess some people will complain regardless .
Sam Woods (1 year ago)
w.. wait people buy these for style..? I wear them because of their cost, comfort (German trousers from the 90s are pretty damn soft) and for their practicality. German military surplus is cheap and when I play night airsoft games a lot of people struggle to see me compared to others in MTP which is the most common camo where I'm from but Germany is kind of a joke with Merkel being the leader of what I call the fourth Reich who instead of hating Jews hates Germans and white people.
Michael Nonya (11 months ago)
Sam Woods I feel for you Sam , start a petition to send to trump asking for a massive arms drop so you guys can at least have a fighting chance at taking your country back . the only people who dont support your cause are the ones who are too lazy to seek the truth.
Cdubp01 (1 year ago)
Pro tip-go to military surplus stores in cities that have large military bases. You’re way more likely to find interesting stuff for better prices. “Fell off the back of the truck” and what not.
Nicholas Jordan (2 months ago)
@Mef262728 Yes correct; If i need something that works and obtained 1-st visit or soon I drive to Kileen which is Ft.Hood ◘ never perfect but much greater chance of finding *Will do*
Mef262728 (8 months ago)
That's very true.
Matt M (1 year ago)
I live in Boston and this shop sucks I’ve been in here many times
Mef262728 (8 months ago)
@Matt M lmao
kastard (11 months ago)
Matt M (1 year ago)
cuz i needed to buy shit
Matthew Godleman (1 year ago)
Matt M if it sucks why have you been in many times?
Yung Lean (1 year ago)
The fucking hipster that are wearing this shit are the same liberals crying about the military and war
benjee (1 year ago)
It's funny how the guy who owns the shop doesn't give a fuck about the "fashion"
Arün Dhir (1 year ago)
that alpha industries x ace hotel parka the dude is wearing looks crisp
Jacob Devlin (1 year ago)
What was the name of the jacket he was wearing in the vid
Jacob Devlin (1 year ago)
Johnny Rios Thank you so so much!
Johnny Rios (1 year ago)
Jacob Devlin Alpha Fishtail Parka
Jake Lopes (1 year ago)
Love this
chauncey tovan (1 year ago)
My drug consoler almost yelled at me wearing that jacket because of the shirt my friend gave me
Mef262728 (8 months ago)
What kind of shirt was it and why did she yell at you for wearing the jacket?
Kevin Basil Magnus (1 year ago)
Greetings From SINGAPORE, If I get to Boston again, I'm coming here to Buy buy buy!
Matt Tollison (1 year ago)
Love that they dont give credit to the artist anymore with background music not cool im sure they would love to listen to there beats
Marcos Towers (1 year ago)
Matt Tollison it's Last Supper by Davis Absolute, The first song that is
Paul Escudier (1 year ago)
You can find these in any military surplus store, everywhere. But this store is just a fraud, selling surplus 5 times their values for wannabe hipsters who think they found another unknown vintage store... Go to a real small military surplus in any town and you'll find your "super rare" MA1 jacket for 25$. But the hype around the vintage pieces need to stop, it's military quality, stitches will pop out in under 3 months...
james liang (7 months ago)
agreed to this statement. I sometimes see people wearing their grandfathers ww2 flight jacket not knowing what the fuck it is and i have to explain it to them
Mef262728 (7 months ago)
@Anarcho Syn That sucks.
Anarcho Syn (7 months ago)
Had a guy tell me he got rothco boots for a good price 70$. These cheap ass boots go for 20$ everywhere
Jack Mechak (7 months ago)
haha so true
Mef262728 (7 months ago)
I agree with you for the most part, but If it's a military quality jacket then the stitches shouldn't be popping out under 3 months.I've worn military vintage clothing and unless it was already used to shit and it wasn't stored properly when you got it then it can last you for years if you take care of it.This stuff was made for military use and soldiers put their clothes and equipment through a lot so it can't be poorly made.
computerrepair209 (1 year ago)
What's the name of the song
Marcos Towers (1 year ago)
The first is Last Supper by Davis Absolute
Robert (1 year ago)
pretty good video ngl
Wiz EL (1 year ago)
boston is "across america"--clickbait
there's different episodes....
JRAS Smith (1 year ago)
91750fast (1 year ago)
Does this dude always dress like castro?? Is it ironic that hes talking about military surplus while wearing a $1500 "high fashion" version of the same shit you can buy in that store for 50 or less??
Marco Gallo (1 year ago)
nothing ironic about it. That's how trends and fashion work..
I like your coat
91750fast (1 year ago)
Jeff Carvalho you should have done this video 2 years ago when kanye was trying to sell people alpha at 4x the price as "tour merch". Barneys sucks theres nothing "street" about it. Get your money my man.
Jeff Carvalho (1 year ago)
The jacket I'm wearing in the video is a old Alpha Fishtail parka for ACE. It's a raincoat version of the surplus ones you'll find. They were about $180 when new, I believe.
Julian C (1 year ago)
Very, very, very glad you guys finally did a video on military surplus gear.
era (1 year ago)
great content
Theres just something very comfy about this video that I cant explain.
Doodle (1 year ago)
defs the sound design, monotone cinematography
Shut ur gay ass up (1 year ago)
Straight Homura is it even jazz? idk
Shut ur gay ass up (1 year ago)
Straight Homura The smooth jazz playing in the background

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