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Marc Jacobs's Busy Day Routine With a Fierce Red Lip | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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Presiding over his eponymous empire, Marc Jacobs doesn’t have much time to spare—but his streamlined beauty routine is anything but boring. Filmed at Crosby Street Hotel Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. Marc Jacobs's Busy Day Routine With a Fierce Red Lip | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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Text Comments (1025)
Gemma Herrera (7 hours ago)
I have never seen him before , but for some reason he looks exactly how i expected him to look like .
Woman Of Love (1 day ago)
Didn't even know he was a young and alive man. Thought he was the ancient founder. I am so far behind in fashion lol
Jazmin Lacroix (1 day ago)
his personnality✨✨💓💞✨✨
GaudyCouturist ! (4 days ago)
Love you Marc Jacobs.... love it all sir!
Paul Paulpol (4 days ago)
what's brand his perfume?
Sasha Adriana (5 days ago)
I think you guys need to feature Ezra Miller 💕
bloated and alone (5 days ago)
Wait what he’s an alive fashion designer
Tylor Johnston (10 days ago)
Before this idk who Marc Jacobs was....🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️❤️
Hannah (10 days ago)
Marc Jacobs mascara is bomb
cosul bunicii (10 days ago)
Marc Jacobs's Busy Day Routine is BOTOX
Diana Avagyan (10 days ago)
Well, it's nice to meet you, Mr. Jacobs.
vincenzo raspavolo (11 days ago)
most boring and overrated designer ever
Corey Washington (11 days ago)
Nothing works better than melanin
RyLw (11 days ago)
Jesus Christ this man is fine
ج. (11 days ago)
Mädchen des Mondes (11 days ago)
giving me major tony stark vibes
murderize (11 days ago)
Isn’t Marc Jacobs that brand of coffee?
Neha Phookan (11 days ago)
I love that he applied lipstick at the end. It was so cute
Breona Warren (11 days ago)
The fact that he is alive is crazy to me. I thought he was dead and left behind the Marc Jacobs makeup company. Kind of like Versace.
Summerfield (11 days ago)
I thought he was just a brand name.
Tychus Major (11 days ago)
Gaaaaàah why is she beardeded Oh it's a man putting on makeup
Nokthula Madondo (12 days ago)
Before watching the video, I knew what Marc Jacobs looked like but this is a face I have never seen before. Video should be titled the Metamorphosis of Marc Jacobs.
krysta mathews (12 days ago)
Yes men and androgynous beauty ❤️ I love how Vogue has been supporting all types of beauty and walks of life, so beautiful
Giulio Personeni (12 days ago)
He looks like crazy
MyMissRoy (12 days ago)
Oh my God!! This is the first time I see Marc Jacobs!!
Rudolph Reindeer (12 days ago)
“I love to do drag, not drag, costume”
Barbarella (13 days ago)
Finally! Fantastic to see a guy. It’s baffling that adornment is usually limited to women
Chloe ‘CC’ Clarke (13 days ago)
“There’s no method to it... Y’know, just slap it on and hope for the best 😁”
Khanya Maweni (13 days ago)
The part about him going drag sometimes made me happy. I love self-expression. Happy people means happy world.
Kassia Ataide (13 days ago)
Parece com o Padre Fabio de Melo kkkk
David Gamez (13 days ago)
Omg! How is Posssible that a lot of people didn't see MarcJ. Before??
Brooklyn Foster (13 days ago)
Why is this the only time I've seen marc jacobs??????
Saiya Anna (13 days ago)
i thought marc jacobs is just a product name.
Jordan O'Dwyer (13 days ago)
Awrell Nathaneong (13 days ago)
The girl who be his wife is have to be grate ful but idk if he have wife or nah
chooseaname000 (13 days ago)
I think I saw him styling people but he looks so different without his glasses
Sumayya Bibi (14 days ago)
Plz guys plz tell me what's this song called
Ad Pontoh (14 days ago)
I think marc jacobs just a brand name, not a real person. I know marc jacobs just a brand name because that brand have a spot to the Ocean's 8 movie when Debbie Oceans steal some of them product. Lol.
stanleycoleman (14 days ago)
We need more guy makeup videos!
Anne Souza (14 days ago)
Please call Gloria Groove and Thais Araújo
tyas hapsari (14 days ago)
Where have you been Marc Jacobs, i almost think you were a dead person. But the fact you look so stunning, and have a tattoo too 😍😍
MAIM (14 days ago)
People how you don't know the face of marc Jacobs? Seriously
Donelle Murray (14 days ago)
I mean is this really Marc Jacobs or im just being silly..whoa.
Elfy Zulaiqha (14 days ago)
His skin clearer than my future
Gigi Hadid Official (14 days ago)
At last a person who has a different washroom ....... All the others have a same bathroom Who else agrees Hit a like 👇👇👇
S H O S H (14 days ago)
Halsey please 💔😭
Kal Vanden (14 days ago)
I remember when Miss Fame did his makeup
Dimiitrix D (14 days ago)
I’m shook, he is 56 but looks like a 30 year old
honeybusan (14 days ago)
He rubs most of the product between his fingers and barely gets any on his actual face
Sahar Sahar (14 days ago)
I heard and saw his name everywhere but never actually knew what he looked like lol
Serena Tsukino (14 days ago)
He used to be really cute. I had a little crush on him during the 90s.
Aurélia Joy Pae (14 days ago)
Jeez! I thought Marc Jacobs was a brand not a human being! Gosh
Susan Lam (15 days ago)
“Spray, delay and walk away” - life changinggggg
L Cortes (15 days ago)
Marc, I'm so proud of where your Makeup/Skincare brand is going! Keep on rocking it darling!!
snowwpea (15 days ago)
He’s almost 60??? Wtf. He looks so good!
это кто вообщем
Bunny Biedenharn (15 days ago)
He's only 56? Just googled him, to see if he was in his early or late 70s.
Sarah Booth (15 days ago)
You remind me of Stanley Tuccis' character Nigel in The Devil wears Prada - love it! 😍
Sarah Booth (14 days ago)
@Steph Silvahaha yep that and his whole vibe 👍
Steph Silva (14 days ago)
Sarah Booth The voice huh 💁🏽‍♀️😂
hui gin Ang (15 days ago)
He looks just like those bags
Ed (15 days ago)
Angela Merkhel, please!!!
beautiful heart (15 days ago)
no one is interested in his routine , we all just wanted to see his face
Ilas Daniela (15 days ago)
Love ur parfum....Decadence....
Edgars Cirulis (15 days ago)
Fatemeh Hs (15 days ago)
Miss Lana Del Rey pleeeeeeaaaaase
Ну капец...
Heidi W (15 days ago)
get tom ford to do this!!!
Devotion (15 days ago)
손톱단정해서 좋다
rebecca seppanen (15 days ago)
OMG. Mark Jacob's doesn't know to not put perfume on your wrist and then rub it in. The perfume gets bruised if you rub your wrists together. Oh well. He is a clothes designer after all😁
AllTimeIva (15 days ago)
Why do i feel like all the products he used were absorbed by his hands and not his face...... or is that how ur really supposed to apply stuff?
Margy Rocha (15 days ago)
Lana del Rey e Shakira. Pleaseee ♥️
briana smith (15 days ago)
Spray, delay, walk away 👑 - Marc Jacobs 2019
Raquel Valdambrini (15 days ago)
first look i thought was Tom Ellis hahaha
Lukas Schneider (15 days ago)
I didn’t know he’s still alive 😬
David P (15 days ago)
I love I love I love yesssssss😍😍❤️❤️
Mehwish Khantaufeeq (15 days ago)
So that’s what Marc Jacobs looks like
orlybabe (15 days ago)
Spray, delay, walk away. Love it! Hahahahah
Annale Doan (15 days ago)
Klebson Santos (15 days ago)
Quem disse que o homem não pode cuidar da aparência? Acho um luxo!
tsalula (15 days ago)
Yah Girl (15 days ago)
Y'all never seen what he looks like before same with me plus never heard of him this was in my recommendation
David Fletcher (15 days ago)
No sunscreen?
Edgars Cirulis (15 days ago)
David Fletcher Maybe he doesn’t know the importance of it
Ekene Patience (16 days ago)
Cute u
André Souza (16 days ago)
He is so cute & smart 🖤
Sneha Das (16 days ago)
I like him seems like a good friendly person
Monica Ailyn (16 days ago)
I forgot Marc Jacobs had a clothing line😂 I’ve been too focused on his makeup line
Julcixx 73 (16 days ago)
Kocham cie
Zehra Haciismailoglu (16 days ago)
Does he get younger ??
Carmen Pérez (16 days ago)
He's one of my favorite human beings ever, love him❤ his perfumes are my everything
chicovaliente2000 (16 days ago)
I think I'm here only one who knows who is Mark Jacobs.
Mk3 (16 days ago)
4:10 Where is the hair that he was trying to put back his ear? 🧐
Blu Blu (16 days ago)
Y'all have never watched RuPaul's Drag Race All Star 3 when he was on one of the episodes?
Savannah (16 days ago)
I loved him in bojack !!!
Ouks Berz (16 days ago)
Best tutorial 💜
Bernadette Dc (16 days ago)
Woaaaah marc jacobs!!!!
crazy girl (16 days ago)
Had Zwamel pedd
Abby McGarry (16 days ago)
where’s the fierce red lip lmfao
Aunt Jemima (16 days ago)
Do you’re the man who took Bantu knots and called them mini buns
Eva Eva (16 days ago)
Classic and style, that’s definitely about him 🤩
This comment section makes me feel so much better bout not being the only one to never see this man 😂
kugelblitz65 (16 days ago)
i love him. He is for me the best designer :)

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