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The Name of This Book Is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch! | WHOA I Wanna READ DAT! [Ep. 05]

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The Name of This Secret. No, seriously - this week we look at the popular Pseudonymous Bosch series! And Mr. Wasko talks to inanimate objects.
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Heather Jones (1 month ago)
Thanks for the help on the homework 😂 really helpful though.
Glad Tzivel (1 month ago)
Today I am celebrating my houndred thousandth book read, I am expecting presents, a cake, a private stairwell, a type wrighter, and a publisher
Jewela (2 years ago)
Fav Series!
BlufyreAudio (2 years ago)
Love this book 😍
Amiya OG (2 years ago)
I read it and I need Brenda on my desk
Master Name (3 years ago)
That was some funky dancin at 3:00 and also what is the song name. Also, are you going to talk about BAD MAGIC?
This is America (3 years ago)
Mr. Wasko, I am Mr. Godwin, The Godwin, and your videos inspire my students to read at Lindsay Middle School in Hampton, Va. They say "Hi" while holding their books up high. There is something a bit pressing I must address with you. I noticed you magically borrowed my burgundy jacket for this video, but I must have it back. 'Tis a sign of my regality, but I do appreciate your videos. For them you may borrow the jacket, just remember to return it afterwards. No wrinkles, Wasko. Sincerely, A pride of Lindsay Lions that love literature, and that guy called Godwin.
Maryiam Mohamed (1 year ago)
what is the name of this book.
theMRWASKO (3 years ago)
The Godwin, Wasko has stepped away for the moment.  It is I - Burgundy Jacket. Look.  We had some good times (the mentos you always kept in my inside pocket) and we've had some bad times (you should be banned from using mustard packets), but the fact is: I've run away forever. To tell you the truth, this Wasko is a fool.  I'm working my way across America until my ultimate evil plans can be achieved!  I won't quit until my burgundy threads claim the shoulders of Hollywood's greatest! I'm sorry it had to end this way.  I'll see you again some day....from the shoulders of Nick Cannon.  Sincerely, Jack (that is my name - if you ever bothered to ask!) P.S. Mr. Wasko said something about really appreciating the viewership and to high-five the kids with books and something about future shout-outs bah blah blahhhh I wasn't really listening.
Xavier Fitzgerald (4 years ago)
Nice .....I had to meet Brenda
Mommy Longlegs (4 years ago)
You my dear Wasko are the greatest human ever

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