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The True Name of God - Secret Code Hidden in Book of Leviticus.

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God's personal name is hidden in the middle of the first five books of the Bible, or the Torah. A simple code exposes the true name of God hidden for millenia in the book of Leviticus. Every 7th letter in Leviticus spells out YHWH/YHVH, for Yehuwah. I show you the code.
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Lawrence Brooks (8 hours ago)
Bull shit
William G (2 days ago)
Noir (4 days ago)
There are over 1000 Hebrew manuscripts that has the full vowels written with the slip of the hand of the scribe. The name with the full vowels appears a few times each manuscript. All of them agree that the name is Yehovah. There are digital copies of some of the manuscripts. The digital copy of the Aleppo Codex has the name with the full vowels. Look at the early manuscripts of Hebrew Matthew. The name of God is Yehovah. It has the full vowels. You are wrong about the vav. There is the letter vet in Hebrew. Hebrew has a v sound. Arabic does not have a w sound. The Jews all around the world pronounce Hebrew the same way. Only some Arabic speakers do not pronounce the v but as a w. Check out Nehemia Gordon. If you start doubting the pronunciation of the name from the Hebrew scriptures, you should be consistent and start doubting the scriptures itself. Start studying Hebrew yourself if you are in doubt.
Someone else said LORD means Baal. Which I think is true! He also said GOD is short form of Gadre'el, who is the serpent that beguiled Eve according to the book of Enoch. And I think that may be incorrect. I do know this. Jesus called the Almighty, FATHER! That's His NAME. FATHER is a more important name than jehuwah or Jehovah. Jesus also called the devil, Satan. That is his name. Not Lucifer, Halal or Gadre'el. If you disagree with me, remember, it was the same Jesus who called Simeon, Peter! which we now use all the time. So, why take Peter and reject FATHER?
Wayne Warmack (6 days ago)
The tetragrammaton would be prounounced YaHoVeH in modern Hebrew. That's a very simple grammatical construct which means "Yah is". Hoveh is the third person singular form of the infinitive "to be". Only an elementary study of the Hebrew language would show you this. However few members of the "holy name" cult know anything about that language. The original Hebrew for Jesus is Yeshua, plainly revealed three times in Isaiah 12.
Kishalay Sinha (7 days ago)
Getting too technical. I wonder if he is really "the most interesting speaker I have ever heard, as I effusively described him in My last three blog posts. Perhaps the speaker is in fact Y/Peter/Devil/"Jesus"/Hitler in disguise who is scared of God and snidely wants to call Him Satan. The logic is completely false. Nowhere in the Bible does it say what this speaker is asserting. (Rather, it sounds like Gabriel is Satan.) No male or female alien can escape. - G
His first name is, Yahweh, rejoice for The Comforter has come, and his new name is Yahweh Jesus Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall and also the King of Kings, the most royal man upon the Earth, and i will say no more. as you mentioned Moses g_d.. that is Lucifer sorry honey. And its the kings chamber in The Alter To The Lord, and Jesus was Essene. Not Jewish, just about all bibles are an abomination to GOD.
and his real last name is actually in the KJV 1609 , as Mars-hill. love and respect matey, listen to your heart not anything material, trust yourself honey, give it a go, what have you got to lose by acting on your hearts response to all, first, . that will never fail you if you just believe in GOD and Jesus, and love GOD and one another. that is all there has to be, be good, always help people, .
Stephen Bishop (7 days ago)
This is the name i use to cast magick.
Ug Ly (8 days ago)
Gods real name is jehova
This is incorrect as well
Gods name? Hint: "Halleluyah" :) YouTube: Law and Grace made Simple
aaphyss safuan (11 days ago)
hey Jesus also should not pronounce Jesus. Jesus is not American.
jairodrigue (11 days ago)
Do not take the Lord's NAME in vain.
Digafe Abrham (11 days ago)
Jehovah is your name ! respect to you fwilderone... I really appreciate the effort and the commitment you made to reveal Gods personal name .
David Graham (12 days ago)
The true reason why Royal and Government Paedophiles on the Streets of Britain especially in London far too many Child Molesting Bastard's are in the Police, Security Services and British Army welcum to NAZI SS territory
Atum 777 (13 days ago)
The True name of God is All
632sean (13 days ago)
If this is true, why does Jesus Christ, the Son of The Lord God, never refer to God or call him YHWH/YHVH (Yahweh/Yahweh) but as ABBA (Father)?!? Why would Father God create so many languages to then have His name or His Son's name only to be 'properly' pronounced one way??? He wouldn't limit Himself like that. And all this mumbo jumbo about there was no 'j' in ancient days so saying Jesus' is wrong is another wrong doctrine. Read the Bible (KJV).
Stefan van Rij (14 days ago)
the real name is Stefan , heir son of king dawud(pbuh)
D.R Conly (14 days ago)
You forgot to mention the first god Nimrod who became Baal on his death when his wife/mother semiramus told her subjects that tammuz was nimrod in spirit . This is where the pagan trinity of the catholic church comes from.
Monique Cambero (16 days ago)
Watch GOCC'S lessons on "The True name of GOD" for clarity. Those brothers gave a detailed biblical and historical breakdown of the different pagan names etc. You gat nothing to lose.
Sean Gavin (16 days ago)
God is fake
Andrew Sember (16 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrqnxW5V7rg&t=1799s Jesus Exposes Yahweh as the Evil One
Noir (4 days ago)
In the early manuscript of Hebrew Matthew 28:9, Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew) declares “YEHOVAH YOSHIACHEN” or “Yehovah saves you.” That is a very strange thing to say considering your point of view.
Andrew Sember (16 days ago)
JESUS MADE KNOWN the NAME of his GOD - It is NOT JEHOVAH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1DmoJ9WIVI
Noir (4 days ago)
Look at early manuscripts of Hebrew Matthew. The name of God is Yehovah. It has the full vowels.
Art G (16 days ago)
God had no name idiot
shahid (18 days ago)
Jewish man explains that Allah is the Real God; https://youtu.be/wxkvTKFr6F0 Rabbi Views of Allah and Islam; https://youtu.be/tqdoba4GpNE Corruption of the Torah; http://www.manyprophetsonemessage.com/2014/05/14/the-corruption-of-the-torah/
David Simmons (18 days ago)
i named god Simmons im Crist fuckers stop being afraid your letting evil in your life devil worshippers playing head games i love you brother sister
coldwarunicorns (19 days ago)
YOU are "God" YOU are "I AM" You
evidenceunseen1 (20 days ago)
In the Paleo-Hebrew (original Hebrew) I understand there are no vowels but 'A' How then is his name Yahuwah or even Yaweh??? Through my research, I've discovered his name to be YAHAWAH.
william fitzpatrick (20 days ago)
█ █ █ SCOFFER HERE. █ █ █ Har har har har har har har. Just friggin’ UNBELIEVABLE! The bible thumpers, believers in reincarnation/ghosts, gaia, flat earthers, occultists, astrologers, young earthers, creationists, stargateers?!, scientologists, time travelers, etc., etc. are such MISLED, POORLY EDUCATED, MINDLESS, PEA BRAINED MORONS whos influences the rest of us have failed to eliminate and so continue to remain thorns in our sides. I really hate YT now, every nut bag has a forum and can be heard. (░ I could use some help here. Copy this text and visit sites pushing ridiculous ideas and paste this text using “Add a public comment.”) Dawkins says that we’ve been excessively tolerant of these idiots and there is no reason to be nice to them.) █ █ █
Robert Fustin (21 days ago)
In old Hebrew those four letters are Yod He Veh He, and some might say Yod He Vav He, and by the time Jesus made his entrance they were no longer using the old Hebrew. Yeshua did not come in ancient times. The archaic Hebrew words ending in about 600 BC when vowel markers came into the language. Furthermore, Jesus was never his name it was Yeshua, just like the Yeshua that assisted Moses and bringing the people of Israel into Israel. That name does have a meaning, it means Saviour. And you're making a huge assumption that all God's other than God the Father were wood metal or some other fake gods. Remember that God said have no other God before me, he never said there were no other gods, then he went on to say not to make images of anything under the Earth in on the earth or above the Earth and bow down before it, thereby making false gods and bowing before idols. Furthermore, Yeshua says numerous times that he is not God the Father.
The Wyrd Of God (21 days ago)
The real name of God is Michael, he is the one doing all the work. He and his Wyrd were in the beginning before Adam. Michael is God and the Wyrd is Lilith. They were formed of the dust of the ground. We call Michael the "Tree of Life" , and we call the Wyrd or Lord God the "Tree of Knowledge". Adam was their son. Adam wanted to be God so he "ate of the Tree of Knowledge", in other words, he raped his mother. Rib in Hebrew means to tease, molest, spite, provoke or peeve. From Adam's "rib" came Eve (from Evan meaning John). After being kicked out of the garden, Adam took Eve as his wife. And they were both naked the man and his wife, and were not ashamed. The rest is HIStory.
Mark Ursy (23 days ago)
When Yahsuha preached and was called teacher what part of the bible was he teaching from the Torah
Christian Coello (23 days ago)
King James Bible His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself
Dean Graham (23 days ago)
Many Native Indian Tribes known him bye his ORIGINAL NAME, Yah, God (wen de yah ho) means I AM OF THE GREAT SPIRIT APACHE, HOPI, SOIUX,SHINNECOCK, etc, Tnere is alot of knowledge with the ORIGINAL MEDICINE MAN THE SHAMAN, There language is paleo hebrew, They had 500 nations here in the NORTH AMERICA, INCLUDING MEXICO N CANADA, YahWah is god of water YahVah,is god of fire, Sound has duality ALSO,
Mala james (23 days ago)
Why don't you explain the Name YHWH in old pictorial Hebrew?
Chili Nachos (24 days ago)
Yes, I have read previously, that the "V" in "YHVH" was originally a "W." However, why isn't the last letter of the Tetragrammaton, "YHWH,'" "H" not pronounced? I keep thinking the last letter "H" needs to be pronounced as well. As in "Ya-Hu-Wa-Hu." Just a rational, objective, critical thought.
Sailasa Nailava (25 days ago)
If the is no letter J, V, O, U, and E i not known to the Ancient Hebrew language than who created the name Yahweh or Yahuah
TRUMP SUPPORTER (25 days ago)
This is a witness idiot that wants your money. See ya homie..JESUS IS LORD AND SAVIOR
jodie Turner (26 days ago)
The count should be 49
Nelson Delapena (29 days ago)
Why we based on the books which other people have their own books, own belief and even the Isralites are not accepting Jesus as messiah? They are the choosen people according to a certain books? Why Jesus did not write his own scriptures? All are hearsay.
Nelson Delapena (29 days ago)
Just wondering why many intillegent people try to discover what God has been doing or what he really want us to do. If the books are truly the history of our universe then there will be no contradiction but I believe these are all personal comprehension. The archeologist found what they say from several million years ago then our God must have created a population of other species before us. Let's accept it that they were wiped out and we will be so and then another will come up after us. But! no one can speculate what God 's plan. Intelligent people are telling as if they have been with God.
John McLaurin (1 month ago)
His name means ETERNAL and self existant
John McLaurin (1 month ago)
The ETERNAL GOD has no name
Romel Aparis (1 month ago)
Got to share this, I have seen the Youtube channel THE GOD CULTURE and their study & thorough research shows very much compiling to the pronunciation of YHWH is Yahuah and for the Messiah as Yahusha.
John Wright (1 month ago)
This is why many people believe that CHRIST’s name should be written as “Yeshua". “Yeshua” is a Babylonian Assyrian name that means “May His Name be Obliterated". The Jews fabricated ALL of the Pagan “Y names”. ALL. The “Y names” refer to wicca, Egyptian and Babylonian (old world-negro) witchcraft, mysticism, Kemetic practice of summoning demonic presences, which are all a part of Islam/Jewish Kabbalism. YAH/YAHWEY/JEHOVAH is none other than Allah. JEHOVAH was never seen in a Bible until 1537. It was another name that falsely referred to The Father then, just how Yahawashi is another “Y name” picked up from people jostling letters around at will for the Christ. None of these names give praise & worship to the ONE ETERNAL ALMIGHTY GOD. THE CREATOR. ***Encyclopedia Britannica 1958 edition ***Volume 12, page 996 says “...YAHWEY, Yahwey, Yah is not a Hebrew name". All “Y names” refer to the Egyptian moon god Osiris, the black/green Egyptian god of the dead. These Babylonians removed the sacred name of The Creator with their God’s name. The Adamic Israelites were never allowed to re-insert the name of their Creator. #1 because his name was written in different alphabets for example: JESE was hijacked by these Babylonians. They in error use letter Y in place of letter J and use the W for the S. It was the name of JESUS that these Babylonians replaced 7,000 times. (source.ISawTheLightMinistries) The letters Moses saw and what Moses heard at the burning bush was “I JE” for “I AM JESUS” There were more than 10 alphabets that had any used the letter J for example: Enochian, Theban, ancient Ogham, Daggers, Malachim, Futhark and more. In Greek you had Iesous. It was never pronounced EA-SOUZ. In Greek, looking at Iesous, if there is a consonant after the I it has the I sound. If there is a vowel after the I, it has the J sound. By rule the O is silent, it was intentionally not taught. Iesous would be pronounced with the J sound. When the apostles spoke to the CHRIST, He heard the Wonderful Name above every name, JESUS. Regardless how things might look to us, He heard the name JESUS in all alphabets and languages. Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: 3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world. Colossians 2:9 for in JESUS dwelleth the fullness of the Godhead. John 10:30 I and The Father are One. JESUS THE FATHER, JESUS THE SON/CHRIST, JESUS THE HOLY SPIRIT.
Rahbia (1 month ago)
https://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/biblenames. Yehowah and his son Yehowshuwa.
jesus christ (1 month ago)
fauls enoch was first to walk in heaven with YAHUAH and on land present the nolage of his name and message to the people and his apearance and truth of the fallin angels and there doings on the earth and what is to happen moses is teaching of the cathlic many isrialites were disivers only one tribe of the isrialites stayed to the holy one
Mary Rosey (1 month ago)
PAUL NYINGI (1 month ago)
I worship Yahweh and his only son yahshua Messiah, so I am one of strong believer know as messianic.
Nicole Pierson (1 month ago)
Jehovah translated is I Am that I Am therefore God's name is I Am so anything you say after I Am is either praising God's name or using it in vain. That's why Christ said God is within you and you are all God's or the representatives/children of God. Use I Am wisely and make the name/nature of God holy.
Wendy Peterson (1 month ago)
I prefer Yahweh, and that's the name I was given in a dream about the Father.
Diane Shelley (1 month ago)
Ignorant , not stupid. We were taught by our preachers that God was who we worshiped. Not that his name was God.
Fawzi Al Shalabi (1 month ago)
His name is: ALLAH in Arabic pronunciation : الله الله الله See its beauty of figure Pronounce it 3 times you'll feel better sensation.
Bill Simpson (1 month ago)
God created the simple things. To confound the wise... There is only one god and he is a jealuos god... In the beginning was the word and the word was god ...call no man father there is only one father the creator of all things ...do not turn it into an arguement ( do not push your brother to anger )
pol illy (1 month ago)
God name is DUMNEZEU...cause His Son, IISUS CHRISTOS, was boen in Dacia, not israel...and IISUS, told those ppl over there the name of God...then in the year 106, the romans qonqured Dacia, and took all those papirus with all those inscriptions...and even the one datated 32 year,when IISUS, was invited to jerusalim, by the consul tiberius, which, wrote too about that meeting...so DUMNEZEU, is the name of God
Toney Chappell (1 month ago)
How can you say Our God, however call people Stupid in the same sentence. Don't you find something wrong with that???
kustom13rods (1 month ago)
You forgot ANU AND PTAH
Salome P (1 month ago)
The name of God is Jesus for it is a name above all name.
F SL (1 month ago)
A name is just a label.
Jaida Foster (1 month ago)
Descap 77 (1 month ago)
'jesus' is just a Greece idol named 'iesous/ zeus'. 'christ' is just a babylon ba'al named 'christoz'. Thats the point reveals words of 'christian & christianity' carry paganity meanings refer to ancient history of babylon and vatican. All must aware to *get back to The Hebrew TRUTHS* as explained by this video. The Real TRUTH KADOSH Name of our Kodesh Creator is "YHWH (YAHWEH) ELOHIM". The Real TRUTH KADOSH Name of our Kodesh Messiah is "YESHUA HaMASHIACH". The Real TRUTH KADOSH Name of The Holy Spirit is "RUACH HaKODESH". THE PEOPLE OF "YAH" WILL NOT STANDS ON ANY PAGAN NAME such as : christian, church, christmas, easter, and never abide to the coursing-cross & sunday laws 666 (as the nimrod satanic church). Adonai YESHUA bless you all. Love from NAZRANE.MESSIANIC Community in Jakarta~Indonesia (Oct.2018)
Rodolfo De Los Reyes (1 month ago)
" I AM THAT I AM " I am the God of the Father and my true name was YAHUAH, my son name the Messiah was YAHUSHA, and written in the Ancients Hebrew, there's no other name until End Time. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dsIvG8iDGHM 🎥 THE NAME OF GOD Series Part 2: Biblical Evidence YHWH is ...
Kevin (1 month ago)
A most beautiful and informative video. May I say to all respondents: There are so many good answers here. Our Creator recognizes and honors all names that honor Him. How about The Great I AM? How do you say THAT in Hebrew? (c= And let us not forget Hagar in the wilderness gave our God her own Special Name! Is That Name Known or is it lost to history? I do not know. I think the Tetragrammaton is THE Most Special Name. But are not they all Sooo Beautiful?
Just 4 Fun (1 month ago)
To start a video calling people stupid is not applauded by Yahawa. Then, calling him by the greek god name of Zeus (Jehova) is much worse. Then, there is the misconception that Catholics are Christians. The Catholic leaders presented themselves as Christians to the world, but they are not Christians.
Charles Walsh (1 month ago)
Even the jews dont use the YHWH pronunciation because it is so sacred. So pronunciation is lost. No modern jew pronounces the YHWH. The translation is jahway. YHVH there were no vowels so we really dont know if it was ya,yo,ji.
Matzz Wayne (1 month ago)
6ix Level Initiation (1 month ago)
Simple Mind (1 month ago)
Average Christian has been brainwashed. from their finances to the way they worship him. Clueless to the very end lol
Adrian Bonnington (1 month ago)
True god has no name as no one else around. To give something a name puts limits on the thing. The all is unknowable.
Adrian Bonnington (1 month ago)
Christ is a secretion in all. See my books amazon.
Michael Mallal (1 month ago)
I don't thing there's any archaeological evidence to support the alleged Egyptian captivity or wandering in the desert for 40 years. Maybe 40 years means 40 days?
Michael Mallal (1 month ago)
I luv our G_d Adonai.
GREENSTARH (1 month ago)
What’s in a name?
B Love (1 month ago)
God's name is JEHOVAH. Period.
Noir (4 days ago)
God's name is YEHOVAH. Period.
InventorDeeJay (8 days ago)
+B Love That wasn't God, it was satan. Also, the damn jews just made up jehovah so you don't find out satan's real name is YHWH. John 1:18 “No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.” John 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.”
Cely Rivera (1 month ago)
My goodness, you are so good in saying foul language❗️
mohammad saad (1 month ago)
Allah is only the true god
bobby ruest (1 month ago)
the hebrew texts are themself a fade copy miss translated of much older texts
Randy Russell (1 month ago)
Its YAHUAH In early yahudyath paleo pictorgram it was an uau then during the middle ages it evolved into the waw and the waw evolved into the vav
There is zero evidence the Jews were slaves in Egypt.
Hector Cortez (1 month ago)
Yashua hamashia is Yahweh. Iasias 53 zacarias 9.9.salmo 2.
Hector Cortez (1 month ago)
Yashua hamashia Yahweh. Abbaa Kadhoss. El shaday yod he va have.
God Loving American (1 month ago)
Yahweh is God. Yeshua Hamashiach is Jesus Christ
Danille Rakes (7 days ago)
And Jesus Christ is God. 1 God
NomosCharis (1 month ago)
It's pronounced "Yah-weh." Not Ye-ho-wah (or Ye-huu-weh). That's a mistaken pronunciation based on a misunderstanding of the Masoretic vowel pointings for "Adonai," which were artificially inserted into YHWH to remind the Jewish reader that Adonai was the word they should speak out loud when reading, not the Holy name. We know this for many reasons, not the least of which is that whenever the text says "Adonai YHWH," the vowel markings for "Elohim" are inserted into YHWH instead, so that the reader said "Adonai Elohim" rather than Adonai twice.
Matzz Wayne (1 month ago)
Renee Manning (1 month ago)
Thank you for this. 🙂
Rodney James (2 months ago)
The book of Exodus reveals God’s magnificent name, *JEHOVAH* , in all the brilliance of its glory and sanctity. As he proceeded to demonstrate the depth of meaning of his name, God told Moses, “I SHALL PROVE TO BE WHAT I SHALL PROVE TO BE,” and added that he should tell Israel, “I SHALL PROVE TO BE [Hebrew: אהיה, ʼEh·yehʹ, from the Hebrew verb ha·yahʹ] has sent me to you.” The name *JEHOVAH* ( *יהוה, YHWH* ) comes from the kindred Hebrew verb *ha·wahʹ* , “become,” and actually means *“He Causes to Become.”* Certainly *Jehovah’s* mighty and fearsome acts that he now proceeded to bring to pass in behalf of his people, Israel, magnified and clothed that name in a resplendent glory, making it a memorial “to generation after generation,” the name to be revered for an eternity of time. It is of all things most beneficial that we know the wonderful history surrounding that name and that we worship the only true God, the One who declares, “I am *Jehovah* .”—Exodus 3:14, 15; Exodus 6:6.
larry guarin (2 months ago)
Yes, YAHUAH is the real translation in english of The Creator
Monze Diaz (2 months ago)
Judith Hayes (2 months ago)
Seriously!!!...speaking of STUPID, the maker of this video has misspelled "Christian's" in several places. The repeated misspelling of that word definitely detracts from the info presented, at least for me. It lost all credibility at that point, which was pretty much from the get go.😕
Iuliu s (2 months ago)
earth is flat god made it flat all the bible is a book of a flat earth look it up research flat earth you live on a flat plane.
MrLajon69 (2 months ago)
Hold on.Werent they Israelites and not Hebrew slaves in Egypt?
A. Crawley (2 months ago)
KMT did not have multiple gods. You should research the meter neters, and KRST, plus try to think outside the false teaching given to you about indigenous people, most everything is taken from them n whitewashed. So you could have a blue eyed male god. Wu Wei says it best, I don’t know what to call the creator so I call it Dao. KMT also on point with Amen/Amun the unknowable.
Jamecia (2 months ago)
Their are many Gods but only one true God I think God wants up to know and use his name because he had it put into the Bible more than 7,000 times but it was taken out because some of the Jews became superstitious about his name so they stopped using it. Knowing his name also draws us closer to him and we can call on him for anything " I will protect him because he knows my name. He will call on me, and I will answer him. I will be with him in distress.” (Psalm 91:14, 15) Knowing and using Jehovah’s name does matter if we wish to enjoy a close relationship with him. God also rewards those who call upon his name. The Bible says: “Everyone who calls on the name of Jehovah will be saved.”​—Romans 10:13.
Jo DeLong (2 months ago)
Actually correction. Jehovah is French. Jo Ellen is the English transaction.
Jo DeLong (2 months ago)
Yeah it's not to be said by others because we are to pray to our Higherself.
Harold Bandy (2 months ago)
Educate, don't insult a brother or sister
R Car (2 months ago)
When you began naming some of the pagan gods, I was hoping that you would include "Gad". 'Gad' was a pan-Semitic god of fortune and interestingly enough, it is pronounced "God". This is a very good reason why we should not use this word. It is not merely a title but, in fact, a name. Perhaps this is the name that is on U.S. currency?
Marcelino Garcia (2 months ago)
I like to go with Almighty creator of everything.
Bugz Bunney (2 months ago)
people nowadays always believe on what they've heard instead of searching what is the truth.
ROBBIE ELLIS (2 months ago)
Sorry but we can't know the true name, the Bible has been changed many times, replaced with pagan names, think about the fact pagan called ones they worshipped god's, how can we even know if that refers to our father, the light, the creator. The Hebrews were taken prisoner in Babylon and the forced them to write many false bibles, also the old testament was writen in a different Hebrew than the Babylon Hebrew laugage, the 1st thing they will have changed is god's name and yah was another name for Thoth even the word hallelujah is changed to translate to praise Thoth, the original Hebrew was closer to Greek, the Greeks adopted Hebrew but still we can't translate it properly, we can't know what has been changed, god has a plan but Satan has been corrupting man since the beginning, he has has men destroy the scriptures and replace them, then there are the kings who changed it and got monks to copy it out. I believe the true Bible lies in the Vatican city and they don't want anyone to get it, as they don't want us to know the true Bible as they as on the wrong side.
ILuvaMy AngelBaby (2 months ago)
Hey GOD GOD Above word of the whole UNIVERSE No name surpasses GOD Just like mom U don't call mom by its name You call mom, mom Therefore call GOD GOD Or desired name by GOD For GOD can name itself however the fuck HE wants GOD of gods
Master (2 months ago)
Boy stop tripping our God is an awesome God He knows His children and when we call out to Him rather it be Father God or a moan His name, He is faithful and just to hear our voices.
quetzalcoatul1 (2 months ago)
The book of revelation says the Lord has many names

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