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Necronomicon: The most dangerous magic book of history that is said to have made the reader crazy.

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Necronomicon: The most dangerous magic book of history that is said to have made the reader crazy. "You have heard a lot of books by the definition of" book that affects the mental health of the reader, the supernatural powers described, the magic and interesting information related to other beings! " Necronomicon, M.S. by an Arab traveler named El Hazret. 700's were written in Damascus year after year. The book's reputation comes from having really frightening details. It is believed that the book with different names such as the Book of the Messenger, the Call of the Dead, the Book of Dead Names, the Book of the Dead, and the book with the dark names transcend terrible ideas and lead those who read it to madness and even death. He tells how Hazrat El Hazret is sought in the desert for many years and finds very old logs, and then confronts evil spirits after his madness, how he will communicate with the azothoth period, the souls before the people come to earth, and the dead. There are incredible facts about the pre-flood. Despite the exact similarities between the "Creation" section of the Torah and the mythological sources, the Torah disguises them, while the translation that has been made up to this point is far from the original of the sacred book, as El Hazrat narrates the inner face of the lost past. You have gone through the details in detail and the inner face of the source of religions is described. - Human ırkı was somewhere else before the world. It's called coming from other spheres. According to Neo-Platonist beliefs, there are unique life forms in the world-like stars described. The characteristics of these life forms are determined by the evolutionary line of the cosmic hierarchy. - By setting special times and using special symbols, it is possible to establish relations with the old ones and get the desired cosmic information from them, then it is possible to have the past and the future dominant, but this is a dangerous way because people must acquire and be aware of the information they can carry. Necronomicon also tells the ways of seeing the future, so it is claimed that Nostradamus is on the verge of seeing the future. At midnight, sitting alone in a secret room, sitting on a three-legged brass stand. A little light comes from the unmanned ground. Illuminate my thoughts, I do not believe my fortune is vacant. I am in the midst of my scepter, in the atmosphere of the Branches, the water is moving, the wings from the brink of the bridge, a great fear, a hearty voice, a different shiver, divine light, holy news. The Necronomicon's madness is a bit different than the delicas we know. Those who read because we know, reject everything we believe, and because the facts are so different and perhaps so cruel, they enter the shoehorn and are trapped in their minds. According to one claim, it is said that the book, which was banned by the Papacy, is hidden in the Vatican, and that a copy is hidden in the British Museum. Some sources say that Adolf Hitler has taken a copy of the book as an occult matter. These secret pages belong to the priests who worshiped the old faith before Babylon, and it is written in their own language, but I have turned it into the golden language of my own country that everyone understands. I compared this article when I walked around in the legendary city of Ur, which is no longer Ur, and I was telling about the wars of the time before God. And the fear and ugliness seen by the priests are described here, and their reasons, their nature, and their essence, and the number of lines are sacred, and the words were sacred, and the best effect for the evil ones. And naturally, the sorcerers of that city write them in parchments, vases, or air, so they can remember the words of the Word given to the gods. Listen to these words and remember! Because remembering is the most important and most effective growth, being able to remember the past, and being able to remember what is coming. And this article is not ready to be ready, it creates frenzy, man and animal ...
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Aniken (17 hours ago)
This sounds like fan fic nothing real.
Tyler Runyon (1 day ago)
Those who search for destruction shall in turn destroyed themselves. Those who seek ever lasting life shall find it with the Savior.
Meagan Letourneau (1 day ago)
Sure see a lot of comments on here from mikedevine.. If you think its bull shit then why do you care to comment to our comments.
raigawa ichiharu (2 days ago)
So many ancient arabic language in that book!!
pants Pants (2 days ago)
As long as when its upgraded three times with two melee and one mage lets go.
Brian Carter (2 days ago)
It gives u a small clue as 2 what spells r supposed 2 b
Joe Go (3 days ago)
em obviously its fake some parts of the book is in english lool
Bob Ross (4 days ago)
Anybody who thinks this is real is a fucking idiot. H.P. Lovecraft came up with this in the 1920s as a part of a science fiction story.
PrivateOGITH (5 days ago)
This Video Reminds me of that Ghostbuster Episode' the Collect Call of Cathulhu
Dylan Slaybaugh (5 days ago)
I need that book
William Schutz (7 days ago)
What a crock of shit.
Rayees Ahmad (7 days ago)
How to bought this book
Aman Strings (8 days ago)
Shit computer voice
Gem Nut (9 days ago)
Am I the only one seeing some of the images moving slightly 😦 and some of the symbols seem somewhat familiar but it’s probably nothing 😅
Gem Nut (9 days ago)
Randhir C np I’m not really someone who comments on things but with this I’ve loved mysterious cursed objects and for some weird reason I can understand some of the items on a strange level it’s not like I can read it I’m still only human 😄😅
Randhir C (9 days ago)
+Gem Nut i hope u dnt mind...lolz, just fun only
Gem Nut (9 days ago)
Randhir C (9 days ago)
Yes u r the only one...
Erica Walton-Rogers (9 days ago)
So is this a faith an a religion?
Alex TK (10 days ago)
dungeons and dragons scare me more than this
Jeffrey Bodkin (12 days ago)
The mecronicon was invented in fiction by h p lovecraft and scammers have been coming up with “copies” of it ever since
Gene Gunderson (12 days ago)
The Necronomicon was part of the HP Lovecraft Mythos mentioned in the first stories of Cthulhu and he wrote Necronomicon later all fleshed out. It's a work of fiction the Mad Arab 's name isn't even a true Arabic name. It's a work of fiction. I think people get it confused with the Egyptian Book of the Dead which was written as instructions for the dead to cross over to the afterlife. I'm no scholar but that's what I got out of it
LYTHMOHSEN (12 days ago)
I don’t believe the magic
Filipe Matias (13 days ago)
The thumbnail photo isn't from the Necronomicon!
Euphorion666 (15 days ago)
Nwcronomicon doesn't exists
Kristi Kristi (15 days ago)
The original book of dead , 50€ bet. 🤔🤔🤔
sky Unchained (16 days ago)
Frightening to Christians, if you are afraid of Death, you haven't lived an Authentic life
Birdland11 (16 days ago)
oh fuck off bot
Chris Russell (17 days ago)
whats with the robo reader? scared you couldnt pronounce some of the names? well sorry, an actual attempt would have been better than this crap...
Alex Mapula (17 days ago)
jack 45 (18 days ago)
Need that book
spouting lies to force a false religion. Evolution explains nothing and its only supposed proofs are not proof. How does self replicating organisms become male and female? Delusions and the madness you would find is that you are truly damned if you fall for this ignorance.
lisa starves (19 days ago)
You.. mean.. that book FROM that.. movie.. evil dead.. is real.. WHAT the fuck...
Night Fox (19 days ago)
...you know what's dangerous... Living on this slave planet called earth...
Night Fox (19 days ago)
...what is dangerous about it? 🤔
Riciero Delcosta (20 days ago)
Soon satanists will read this as a Bible to NWO
Linda Taylor (21 days ago)
This book was a hoax. It was written to be a hoax. it was never intended to be taken seriously. Good Gods, Folks, I've been a witch for 45 years. The truth is that this book is a hoax. It's not real. I'm an eclectic solitary Wise Woman Crone. You want reality? Read the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Any other New Age book is more real, well most of them are, lol, than the Necronomicon. The Mad Arab was a hoax.
Charless Nicholss (21 days ago)
At all not playing
Ilovesesshomaru sama (22 days ago)
666 thousand likes
Samous G (22 days ago)
Firstnamè Lastnamë (22 days ago)
Not really dangerous if it’s magic
evil monkey (23 days ago)
this should be the new twist on the Friday the13 movie..Jason comes to live cause of the book.keeps hearing he's mom's voice.
Ben Gyasi (24 days ago)
There is no book like the HOLY BIBLE
zk (24 days ago)
Jews secret book
Rhi Kane (24 days ago)
Lol. This is pathetic. You can work with demons or the like without all this bull*hit.
qwyzl (24 days ago)
this book was made up by h.p. lovecraft as part of a thoroughly fictional story.  it's not real or actual in any sense.  it's completely fake.
Joseph Pino (24 days ago)
The Codex Gigas is the real deal. Not this myth...
David Shore (24 days ago)
IF this book is real, and the Vatican does have it, why not allow people to look at it? Where is the proof that people have gone crazy after reading from it? Have they been watching too much of Supernatural or the Evil Dead
lUcas Shanin (24 days ago)
ive been drawing these things since i could start to remember
Ryan Franke (25 days ago)
Yo she bitch!
Gunn Burn (25 days ago)
That female robotic voice makes me arouse.
Gwen Celtiic (25 days ago)
|> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> the necromonicon is the teaching basic of priestess of the house of eyeskegal ... like Ishtar/Astaroth/Innana/Freya is the house of life ... spiritual life .. is the house ereskegal the house of death ... both nake with the house of beleth iöi the divine female teiangle, ... while Anu, Ea, and Enki the male makes ... and ... that hexafon stand on the both peaks because balance ... dsince the war of genders is Ishtar ... the queen of asgard ... is Ishtar/Freya ... voted queen .. because she stand up and fight for freedom vefore anyne else knew what it is ereskegal is her sister ... your bulkshit comes from a dessertdemon that you all call “god“ so “almighty“ and so on ... rhat facism bastard raised his power after that section was overtooken from peisioned demons ... in thirdy years ... that arm of the galaxie turns back into Ilus light ... out of the shaddow .. then is playtime ... read “Prophecys of S jaha“ and “Book Astaroth“ ... dont forget that the book astaroth was writen by a serviver of the with hunting ... ans the effwctboard what is mentioned in i ging ... if you have a to much yang it will fall to stabile ying ... if you have to mz h ying it will dall in stable yang ... mind is yout power and fallen demons lost their divine connection and so imortality .. humans and the enwrgy that they peiduce is their food ... and that world is now his perversion ... plus the rest of that scum that settled down here. ... insia was tooken at first .. then the rest ... the last resustenxe from annunakis was in germany and less other places ... germany and then the, north finushed the second demobfraction ... the pseudolive fraction ... this creation=religion is other then first thatthand ased on the cobtract of that akkadian teiple that left the Ishtarxult and then meet after dexades that demon in a burning bzsh shit and third (fire and sword) .. he have obiously problems wirh addaptig of energy if the food eats pigmeat ... and he needs o iously a open astral xhakra ... the reason why cutting the foreskin ... he is gay ... the reason why womans are nothing exept birthtools for f ctoring his slaves (make “love“ and raise in numbers ... here to see how even live is missused his vonxept didnet kbow that real aspect=fallen ... the indian demons are more relaxed and advanced by hacking xhakras .. the superstar of the bagwagitta ... is chakrahacking specialust .. especialy hart xhakra ... there was a tradingdeal ) again ... all “gods“ wich you know and wherr the tradition was not rotted ... are demons in real. that what you know today is manipzlated bullshit that you get sick if light and wsnt use it for something good in your desperation ... and when you ste bad ... zse it fir bad=egoistic reasons you are already a slave from that demons. basicly are aal believers of that pseudogods food for them ... kneeling ... knee chakra = electrical sublevel power = working power of physical energytransmition ... you kneel fßtßvefore someone=you give him your power ... peaying is a cinbecting with that what you call ... demons want bowing ... so you mzst please .. be the slave he want ... that connection is always bi-durectional ... that means he can see over you, hear, ect, ... and when you think that you can resist the power if a demon that is a multidimensional astral creature and the ... how its by that dessertscum about fat six billion believers ... so beleivers rhat stick their power in his ass by selfmilking ... so much to “sapiens“ after that “homo“ ... then you are megalonic ... only cosmic awarness with divine connection that is able to block sight on astrallevel or shine so bright that he is blibded ... you gave no chance. ouer knwledge was rotted what they found ... you know even not a bit because all was perverted in their temples ... where their monks was bzsy to analyse the records of usefull kbowkedge for that bastards ... after they burned the writer ... you are the ansecdors of that scum ... what I reag is respectless and dirt ... less show any light mind ... in 30 years is playtime ... bloodparty ... a good old aagard bloodparty ... dont worry ... you are not important .. the upper bastard is my target ... also the lae of revenge gives me the right to let all pay ... and its not aboit any creation of desperate annznakis that needed a bio robot for mining abd designed geneticly by mixing ape genes with modified annunaki genes ... also forbidden made some creators sex with their obiously good designed objects ... because already annznakigenes in it they could get pregnant and that is the reason why you have in average more workingbees = srupid ... and less higher inteligente ... and because it was a fast design under time pressure with less upd tes and grades because humans was not ment to live long ... also because they reproduce like shit ... over 200 genetic disorders while all other spieces have only ... 5 ... you “crone of creation“ ... you should not believe demonlies that want use your ego to destroy a garden ... ragnarök is soon ... we waite for 5000 years on the third doublestep of marduk ... my unit since 3000 years ... 30 years ... is soon ... |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |>
Gwen Celtiic (25 days ago)
|> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> I know some writingsmistake because fast ...but thst here is “bio“ ... and not any manipulated dirt ... good mindfood for demoncows ... naybe some shake the ocupieing down and raise in ilu ... anstead get more and more to demons by their own ... and vampires ... you humanize all real life to death ... creatures without real evolution cannot understand real life ... perfect ideots for demonscum ... the reason why so successfuly when the bug dont kearn to be no bugproblem anymore and check his population by its own ... then was that 12 000 years ago your last chance ... you “crone of creation“ ... you are no human ... you are cosmic awaness ... rwmemver all past incarnations back ... ideots ... the human mindset is a trapp ... mindprision ... why works placeboeffect?!!!!! you have it always in front of your nose ideots ... mind=awRness= energy ... all is energy and awarnes focus that in that way whete and how you arr focused on it ... wuestion: why ypu have to believe that any “god“ should be “allmighty“?!!! ideots ... demonfood ... see your place and see the light ... the mercy is my writing here. there is exept ilu itself nothing more ... to expect ... intervention rules you find in the prophecys of sajaha ... who fail here we cannot let go on ... and there will be no reincarnation ...the structure is destroyed and essence back to ilu ... |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |>
All rounder channel (25 days ago)
Your voice is more scarier than a book
Battousai Rayman (25 days ago)
this is can do miracle by using demonic rituals i guess .
mrbmr (27 days ago)
Klatuu!!!, Verata!!!, Nict *cough cough*!!!
Meric Ekinci (27 days ago)
Wikipedia is telling another Story. Why are all those Youtubers liying. All the time. I dont get it.
XAn0nymousX0 (28 days ago)
You know what actually makes me crazy? Fucking text to speech for an entire video.
Flyin .J (28 days ago)
Thanks, Gladios.
Lola Brigette (28 days ago)
So H.P. LOVECRAFT KNEW THIS BOOK BY HEART IN LITTLE OL' RHODE ISLAND U.S.A? what it washed ashore from some forbidden arab pirate ghost ship back before the freaken vikings came on american soil ...then some colonial witch found while in a buried wooden chest on a chilly fall day after a hurricane came through she was by the water collecting sea weed and exotic shells for a love potion...it was of course where a native american tribe buried this was boxed. n locked up. beccause a cheif and wise El
Jacob Mikel (28 days ago)
do we no were the book is? isn't their supposed to be like 3 or 4 real Necronomicon books? is it possible to read this book? and be completely ok afterwards.
Zack lewis (28 days ago)
Am I the only one that wished they could buy a English copy??i really want to read it
nathan ramirez (29 days ago)
Theres no such thing like magic at all good or bad
James P (29 days ago)
The most dangerous book ever written is the Bible... that speaks of the most vile deranged killer of all time... GOD
Ivan Arancon (29 days ago)
Why people can search these kind of books? why not Peacekeeping book instead.
Nilo Chinilla (29 days ago)
It is a fictional book. Lol.
Fiction or not it is Kabalistic and Kemetism no doubt... Call Illuminati but it's Masonry... Even the fake Israeli Jews so-called Star of David is in this book as well as many Masonic symbolism... Goes with Catholicism/Christianity,Judaism,Buddhism,Hinduism,Democracy All Christian holidays... Looks like what King James wrote in his other Book calleded Demonology...
Saigo Takimora (1 month ago)
Someone’s been watching too much evil dead
jbnOracle (1 month ago)
U did b crazy to able to read this crap
Ryan Chisnell (1 month ago)
Ha ha the evil dead .... whooooooos laughing noooooow !!!
Gerry Stinger (1 month ago)
You do realize that it's a supplement to H P Lovecraft's C'thulhu series, don't you? It was meant to be a reference to tie the stories together.
Edward Harshaw (1 month ago)
The Necronomicon was a creation by H.P. Lovecraft. It's full blown fiction and it's funny how people believe it's some type of magical grimiore.
Kevin Johnston (1 month ago)
Old ones. I've been studying religion folklore and etc for years.
Kevin Johnston (1 month ago)
All the shit is incomplete
Al Kiaser (1 month ago)
It summons the deadites
Wayne Feller (1 month ago)
Do people regularly swallow this horse shit? The Necromicon was invented by H.P. Lovecraft, a writer who suffered from schizophrenia. It is a conplete invention. And everytbing you mentioned comes from his writings. Good Lord, I weep for those who believe this tripe.
southernmissy75 (1 month ago)
The book 📖 of the Dead 💀 ash ash we need him!!!!!!! Damn it don’t open THAT BOOK 📖 🤦🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️
1312 AHAB (1 month ago)
think u talking about the bible
leo thegreat (1 month ago)
i remember the old movie, Evil Dead , it was so scary , and good speacial effects, that comes with necronomicon Book story came 😆✌
Little Joe Callahan (1 month ago)
Dose every one see this.well the demacrats keeps own voting rights for this kind of things to gain strinth. Win all you people. Vote demacrats in all fise.the are giving strinth to the evil one that's already in the position to give the strinth. Demacrats do not even understand that the demacrats devels demons all coming to gether. Donald Trump and his femley. Are Republican party is fighting to stop theas evil people from voting in this kind of party in alves. Please deer god let these people understand the difference between the demacrats and republic. Demacrats are voting rights for this kind of things to gain strinth. If you all love your femley. You all will not keep voting rights for this kind of things to gain strinth. And the demacrats do not understand the difference between good and evil.
Everyone knows it was just a fictional story, I never heard anyone take that book seriously before.
Greedy Boy (1 month ago)
The book of the beginning .. it never ends. ^^
Belkan Squadron (1 month ago)
Is this elder Scrolls
Edgy Slendy (1 month ago)
This book is obviously a mythology book.
pajh jeremy (1 month ago)
It's bullshit.i can read the fucking book and nothing will happen.its just an old fucking book with legends talked about to scare people so people would think of a god to pray to so they're god can take evil away .it's that simple.the book they are talking about is hundred percent false
Killer 420 (1 month ago)
Ash of course he evil dead😂🤣
ultimatecoder_hacker (1 month ago)
Burn it
Akashi Melendres (1 month ago)
Fun of the Army of Darkness
nuclearthreat545 (1 month ago)
where can I buy this
Doctor Gamer (1 month ago)
This book is looking like evil dead book
Feanor Fingolfin (1 month ago)
I have seen the original or a copy of the book in it it shows how to have sex with the dead to raise their spirit to do their bidding no shit. It was in a real Nazis librarie. I'll never forget the pictures of how to perform the ritual.
Terri Emerson (1 month ago)
soon as I hear the robot voice I stop listening
Spencer Watson (1 month ago)
You mean the fake book HP lovecraft creates?
Garfield Southall (1 month ago)
Because you believe
Abhay kumar (1 month ago)
I want this book to rule on universe
Necronomicon► created by pre-school level IQ.
Noel Clemmer (1 month ago)
My wife must of wrote this book.
PINOY MEMES (1 month ago)
I need that to ressurect Jose Rizal
Panther Paw (1 month ago)
What about book of giza in the time that book of giza was made someone know the book and its writings so they destroy the library that the book of giza was there but the book of giza survive then now no ordinary people can read it
Lucian Corrvinus (1 month ago)
ṡȏ, һƿ ʟȏṿẇċяѧғṭ, ẇєѧṭһєя ıṅṡƿıяєԀ ȏя Ԁєяıṿıṭѧṿє, ṃȏṡṭ ċєяṭıѧṅʟʏ ṃѧԀє ṭһє ɞȏȏҡ ȗƿ ѧṡ ƿѧяṭ of һıṡ ṃʏthos, ṭһѧṭ ıṡ ṅȏṭ ṭȏ ṡѧʏ ṭhere ѧяє ṅȏṭ ɞȏȏҡṡ he ṃȏԀєʟєԀ it ȗƿȏṅ, ȏя ṭѧʟєṡ ȏғ ṭһєṡє ɞȏȏҡṡ զȗѧʟıṭıєṡ ѧṅԀ effects ṭһѧṭ ıṅғʟȗєṅċєԀ ṭһє ƿȗяƿȏяṭєԀ ṭȏṃє'ṡ զȗѧʟıṭıєṡ AND єғғєċṭṡ. ıṡ ıṭ ѧ яєѧʟ ṭһıṅɢ һȏẇєṿєя, ṭһѧṭ ԀєƿєṅԀṡ ȏṅ ẇһѧṭ ʏȏȗ ṃєѧṅ ɞʏ яєѧʟ....ıṭ'ṡ ѧṡ яєѧʟ ѧṡ ṭһє һȗṃѧṅ ṃıṅԀ ċѧṅ ıṃѧɢıṅє ıṭ ѧṡ ṡȗċһ. ɞȗṭ ıғ ıṭ ẇєre яєѧʟ ѧṡ ѧ ѧṅċһıєṅṭ ṭȏṅє, һȏẇ ıṅ ṭһє ṅѧṃє ȏғ ѧʟʟ ṭһє ɢȏԀṡ ċȏȗʟԀ ȏṅє ċȏƿʏ ıṭ ıғ ıṭ ẇєяє ṭȏ ṃѧҡє ȏṅє ṃѧԀ, and ıғ ʏȏȗ ṡѧʏ majik, ẇһʏ ɞȏṭһєя ẇıṭһ ѧ ɞȏȏҡ ѧṭ ѧʟʟ why ṅȏṭ jȗṡṭ put it all in the mind of the seeker with same said majik....ѧṅԀ ṭȏ ṭһȏṡє ẇһȏ ṡѧʏ ȗ һѧṿє ѧ ċȏƿʏ, ʟȏȏҡ ѧṭ ṭһє ƿяıṅṭ Ԁѧṭє ѧṅԀ ıṅṭєяıȏя ıṅғȏ....ṭһєṅ ѧṡҡ ʏȏȗяṡєʟғ, ẇһȏ ẇȏȗʟԀ ȏғ ṭяѧṅṡʟѧṭєԀ ıṭ ѧṅԀ ṡєṭ ıṭ ṭı ṭʏƿє ẇıṭһȏȗṭ, mѧҡєıṅɢ ѧʟʟ maԀ? ṭһє ғѧċṭɞṭһṡṭṿıṭṡ ɞєєṅ ṃѧṡṡ printed and ẇє'ṿє ʏєṭ ṭo ṡєє ѧṅ єʟԀєя ɢȏԀ ṡһȏȗʟԀ ṡƿєѧҡ ıṭ'ṡ ƿȏẇєяṡ. ѧṅԀ ıғ ʏȏȗ ɢȏıṅɢ ṭı ṭяʏ ȗṡıṅɢ ıṭ ғȏя your selfish or petty Ԁѧяҡ ƿȗяƿȏṡєṡ, ʏȏȗ Ԁєṡєяṿє ẇһѧṭ ʏȏȗ ɢєṭ.......
David Lee (1 month ago)
You want scary. Big monster made of rock creates a trail .plays dead. Ready to eat a ghost hunter. I still go back to the park. Never over thst fence again. You tube real monster creates a death trap
Alan Jones (1 month ago)
Good video!!
Huyen Tho (1 month ago)
I see that's why comments are now not normal because of you reading this to us you rob
Ледени (1 month ago)
Daed gnivil tuoaba koob is siht

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